Sipovo Rural Tourism

Sipovo is a sleepy tiny town in the south-westernmost Republika Srpska, about 85 km away from Banja Luka, in the western part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, sandwiched between the great and barren valleys of western Bosnia and towns of Jajce and Mrkonjic Grad to its east. This wonderful area was the historical frontier between the Ottoman and Austrian empires. The Ottomans settled these lands with Janissaries, Vlachs and Serbs. This part of present day Republika Srpska is a country of rolling hills, forest and most importantly rivers including the border on the Sava and the Una river that flows through the regional center of Bihac. To the south (west of the river) is the the more substantial 14th Century Austrian castle of Sokolac.

Majority of Sipovo locals are small-scale agriculturists with pretty low income. The soil is very fertile, while the rich quantities of fresh waters of Pliva, Janj, Sokočnica, Lubovica and Volarica Rivers create an ideal micro climate for successful farming. The Sipovo countryside is dotted with quaint villages, lakes, and rolling hills. It is also dominated by the high peaks of Vitorog Mountain to the west /1905 meters/ and the gushing sources of Pliva and Janj Rivers, and surrounding peaks of Plazenica, Ravna Gora, Gorica, Lisina and Čardak Mountains.

There are three springs in the Pljeva village, at the foothill of the Vitorog Mountain, in intact nature, that are fresh and green even in the summer days, that after 33 km join the Vrbas River in Jajce. The springs of the Pliva river make one of the largest potable water springs in the world is also one of the best attractions of the Sipovo Municipality, that are some 7 km away from the center of the town. At the elevation of 490 meters, the fresh and crystal clean and icy cold water comes from the rock. At its start, the Pliva River creates several rapids and waterfalls whose roar inspires visitors only to consider the wonderful nature in front of them.

Sipovo is a nature lover’s and fly fishing destination. With the exception of Soko grad Fortress and Glogovac Monastery, there is not much to speak of in terms of cultural and historical sites…that’s what neighboring Jajce is for. The easiest area to access is the Pljeva region just 6 kilometers northwest of Sipovo. This is where you’ll find Olic and Đol lakes, the largest cluster of B&B accommodations, the source of the Pliva River, and one of the region’s most popular fly-fishing destinations. A bit further from Šipovo and the source of the Janj River is the Janj Islet area, with lost of rural households providing tourist services. Mother Nature does all the rest. Vitorog is the highest peak in the Sipovo region. Just under the 2,000-meter mark, this mountain flanks Sipovo’s entire western side. The Vitorog Mountain Association is quite active and through the tourism association one can arrange a hiking excursion, including various outdoor activities such are hiking, climbing, mount-bike, gliding…..