Shiroka Laka Hotel

Shiroka Laka Hotel

The Shiroka Laka Hotel provides its guests memorable experiences, thanks to the unique mixture of modern comfort, rich style, faultless service and a wide range of possibilities for both active and relaxing vacations that meet even highest requirements and wishes. Built in 2009, the brand new Shiroka Laka Hotel is 4 stars, smoke-free facility which fulfils all up-to-date expectations and demands of guests for a vacation place. It guarantees a high standard and a refined atmosphere that can not be found anywhere else. The extraordinary location of the Shiroka Laka Hotel, at the heart of the architectural and folklore center of the Rhodopes Mountains provides guests with a direct access to the architectural and historical sights and to the mountain beauties and its forest paths and ski tracks.

Shiroka Laka village is a national architectural and folklore reserve, famous for authentic Rhodopean houses – of the Zgurov, Uchikov and Grigorov families, as well as the unique iconostasis in the local Chirch of the Holy Mother of God. The name of the village comes from the old Bulgarian word “laka” – curve, bend, meander. Shiroka laka was founded in the 17th century and has now become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Rhodopes and in Bulgaria. The village of Shiroka Laka has preserved its architecture from the Bulgarian Revival Period, its musical culture, beautiful landscapes, and rich history and traditions. The Architectural complex of Shiroka Laka is part of the 100 national tourist sites in Bulgaria.

Shiroka Laka is the music heart of the Rhodopes – the mountains of the legendary Orpheus, 155 km away from Sofia, 54 km from Plovdiv and 14 km from the famous Pamporovo ski center. Shiroka Laka is the source of the famous Rhodopean sings and their unique tunes with caba gaida /a local type of bagpipe/ accompaniment. The most prominent folklore singers, bagpipers and ensembles are discovered and created in a National school for folklore arts – Shiroka Laka. Since the Shiroka Laka Hotel is set in harmony with the architecture of traditional Bulgarian houses, it perfectly maintains a style of its own that provides guests real aesthetic pleasures.

The Shiroka Laka Hotel in Shiroka Laka provides comfortable accommodation in 13 apartments Junior Suits, 13 apartments Grand Suits and 11 double luxury rooms. The attention to every furniture detail guarantees guests full comfort, calmness and relaxation. The tones, the materials and shapes of the room amenities are selected to deliver guests plenty of harmonic and peaceful feelings. The amenities/facilities of the room include: Cable internet, 42” LCD TV screen, Digital television, Mini bar, Safe, Telephone, Spacious bathroom. The Shiroka Laka Hotel Grand Suite interior is designed in an exceptional way – as a refined mixture of the elements from the comfortable Bulgarian houses, contemporary design, and delicate tones and nice materials.

The Shiroka Laka Hotel in Shiroka Laka offers guests a full range of services, quality and comfort, but also a responsible care of guests’ health. That is why the healthy dishes on the menu are prepared from eco- products and locally grown supplies. Being guests of the Shiroka Laka Hotel gives you great opportunities to keep fit with training in the fitness gym, SPA pleasures and outings.

By the fireside of the Shiroka Laka Hotel Tavern guests can gather their friends, colleagues or relatives in a cozy and traditional atmosphere. The facilities are perfect for your everyday lunches and dinners as well as for your celebrations. The tavern of the Shiroka Laka Hotel features a capacity  for 50 people. The tavern of the Shiroka Laka Hotel offers guests amazing local Rhodopean cuisine and healthy dishes prepared from eco products. Guests staying at the Shiroka Laka Hotel enjoy in all senses – not only the taste and flavors, but also the culinary aesthetics, the pleasant atmosphere and proper music.

After the training in the gym, walking in the woods or among the authentic Rhodopean houses a time for recreation comes. The most pleasant opportunity to relax is provided at the Shiroka Laka Hotel SPA Center, with options to choose from different facilities to keep them in a good shape and take care for their health and wellness: Jacuzzi, Steam bath, Sauna, Massage, and Shock showers. SPA Center of the Shiroka Laka Hotel works every day from 08.00 am to 09 pm.

Thanks to the amazing surroundings of the Rhodopes, and well-preserved traditions and suitable amenities, the Shiroka Laka Hotel makes premium choice for various activities and memorable vacations.