Serbian Wedding, Slava and Handcrafts Parties

Serbian Wedding, Slava and Handcrafts Parties




SERBIAN WEDDING PARTY /SVADBA/ and SERBIAN SLAVA /FAMILY PATRON SAINT FEAST/ and HANDCRAFTS SYNERGY : Awesome synergistic tours including direct insight into well preserved customs and heritage of Serbia. Those activities deepen cross-cultural understanding of regional lifestyles and offers a unique insight into a community’s view of the world. Culinary type of travel is highly valued by tourists as it allows visitors time to relax and appreciate the local gastronomy, while sharing enlightening conversation with others and drinking in the surrounding natural beauty. Hands on culture and traditions experience – dancing – fantastic food – fun – singing….

The Slava feast and the Wedding celebration in Serbia, as well as the old-crafts are part of the life circle and probably best reflect the social relations – economic, kinsman, spiritual and religious. Serbian Slava is the is the celebration of the family’s patron saint which marks the day of baptism of the family ancestors and ethnically determines the identity of the Serbian peoples. Slava has been handed down from one generation to the next, as an annual observance not simply of community spirit, but of the unbroken chain of generations passing on the Orthodox faith, making tangible the connection with the saints and martyrs of the ancient times. Significance of the Serbian Slava is the social interconnection – family, rural, urban – which determines the cultural and intellectual traits in the development of the Serbian consciousness that kept the entity together and provided its longevity.

Slava festivities in Serbia last/ed three days /although customs differ in modern times/ and include feasts and dancing as well as religious ceremonies, when hosts traditionally open their house and welcome all comers – friends, God fathers, family, cousins, newborns,…. reviving the splendor of roots and spiritual rejoicing. Emotions of the celebrants are charged with the noblest motives. They have a readiness and strong desire to welcome and offer the best in friendship, food, drink that all have been prepared and served in prayer. There are many beautiful ‘zdravicas’ (toasts) heard and pronounced on the Slava feast by the host and the guests, invoking blessings of God and the Orthodox Saints and exchanging the best wishes for each other.

The traditional wedding celebrations in Serbia lasted in the past for several days and used to be organized in autumn periods, involving numerous pre- and post- rituals that were meticulously planned and performed by family members…. Depending on the region, visitors are invited to experience well preserved Weddings customs and rituals of Backa, Srem, Sumadija, Stari vlah, Shoppi, Vlach, Timok, Prizren, Gora and other types this memorable event.

Crafts belong to an endangered cultural heritage of Serbia and highly enrich our tours, highlighting the historical and cultural value of craft traditions, with emphasis on the role of crafts in the sustainable development of modern human communities. In addition, by maintaining the traditions we all strive to support an improved social status of craftspeople and the economic sustainability of their production in Serbia. Plenty of those unique Serbian customs are still alive and awaiting….

Without doubt, the Lord will bless and strengthen the Serbian people who continue to pass on this inheritance and all who learn about the traditions and follow in their footsteps.

Welcome to the Serbian Slava Celebration and the Serbian Wedding Party !

Serbian Slava and Svadba and Handcraft tour packages are organized by recommendations of researchers of cultural heritage and operated in specially chosen places, destinations and restaurants in Serbia which best provide conditions for outstanding presentation and understanding of the well preserved customs of Serbia : salash farms, traditional compounds, rural households, well-known restaurants…

Mali vrabac – Petit Piaf Restaurant Skadarlija

Salash Farm 137 in Cenej village

Ethno Park Terzica avlija Zlakusa village

Naše ruke Oldcrafts and Handcrafts Association Rakovica village

Ethno compound Zdanije Cupica Salaš Noćajski village

Perko’s salash farm Neradin village

Ethnographic exhibition Maradik Maradik village

Lazarevi konaci Rural tourist complex Kačer village Zlatibor

Three Oaks – 3 Hrasta Rural tourist complex Klaticevo village

Vila Melodija Rural tourist complex Grabovica village

Rural Tourist Household of Botic Family Vilovi village Nova Varos

Rural Tourist Household of Jonovic Family Crnajka village

Staro selo Sirogojno Open Air Museum Sirogojno

Aqua-ethno complex Paracin

Golijski konaci Rural Tourist complex Komatine village Ivanjica

Ivanjički konaci Rural Tourist complex Raščići village Ivanjica

Package Price : from 30 EUR per person for group visits of minimum 20 participants

Package includes : full performance of the Slava or the Svadba-Wedding or the Handcrafts Synergy customs with interactive participation, authentic unlimited food and drinks, lots of joy and memorable experiences

Booking and information PANACOMP ZEMLJA CUDA – WONDERLAND TRAVEL,, with associates – Glob Metropoliten, Rubicon Travel, Sabra Travel, Serbian Private tours, Liberty Travel International, Balkan Expert, and selected incoming travel industry partners of Serbia.

Panacomp Wonderland Travel wishes you memorable Slava, Svadba and Handcraft experiences, awaiting your inquiries, comments and booking. Welcome to the Serbian Slava celebration or the Serbian Wedding or the Oldcrafts Party !