Serbian Traditional Wedding reconstruction

Serbian Traditional Wedding reconstruction

This is the true Serbian traditional team building adventure called the Serbian Wedding, where everyone has the specific role and directly participates in the complete reconstruction of the authentic wedding customs of Serbia. You do not have to change your last name and buy expensive gifts for the ‘wedding couple’, but it is very important to learn and understand the original wedding customs of Serbia, their meaning and symbolism ……. For full enjoyment in this unique traditional team building adventure in Serbia, prepare a good mood and a desire to embrace both the ‘old and the new’.
Serbian wedding customs include significant personalities and unforgettable activities – matchmaker, godfather, mother-in-law, decoration and dressing up the bride and groom, gift-giving, constant songs and dancing, as well as throwing a sieve, shooting an apple from the tallest tree, knitting a bride’s wreath, ‘buying the bride’, crossing over a trough, preparation the rich wedding lunch….

Morning departure from Novi Sad-Belgrade and drive to the Aleksandar Villa in the historic Orašac – luxury tourist traditional complex with various amenities in the heart of Sumadija /Central Serbia/. Welcome with homemade brandy and slatko/fruit jelly/.
Grouping by activity and all-day participation in full reconstruction of traditional Serbian wedding ceremony, under supervision and assistance of highly professional and experienced ethnographers and choreographers of folklore – folklore workshop, wedding space decorating, arranging the bride and groom’s house, warming-cooking brandy, wedding lunch preparation – homemade bread, sarma, gibanica, roasting lamb and piglet…, decorating and dressing the bride and groom, ‘buying the bride’, shooting the apple, the festive act of getting married in the beautiful church of St Joachim, the mother-in-law’s wedding dance, the wedding cheerful celebration with music and dance….Rich buffet traditional wedding lunch with unlimited Serbian drinks : homemade brandy-juice, slatko, smoked beef, smoked prosciutto, kulen, cracklings, cheese, gibanica, spice cheese salad /urnebes/ sarma, roasted piglet and lamb, mixed grill, side dishes, Garden salad, tomato, cucumber, cabbage, hot pepper, vitamin salad, Shopska salad, wedding cake, small cookies…. During this unique team building program, the excellent wedding atmosphere is supported by top quality and experienced musicians, playing the rich repertoire of songs that follow Serbian customs, with the traditional instruments of Serbia and the Balkans…. Accordion, flute, bagpipes, bass…. Evening return to the starting point, end of programs and services.

Price per person – minimum 50 participants : 125 EUR
Included : High tourist class transportation, full day entertainment program of complete reconstruction of the traditional Serbian wedding conducted by ethnographers and folklore choreographers, equipment for performance of the wedding customs – traditional costumes, rosemary, ingredients for wedding culinary workshops, rich buffet traditional lunch, music support, 24 hours support and guidance of Panacomp Wonderland Travel

APPLICATION DEADLINE 60 days prior departure