Serbian cultural Center

Serbian cultural center “Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic” was established in Bačka Topola on Feb. 21st, 1990. with the aim to cultivate the Serbian culture, to maintain its spiritual and physical roots, to keep the tradition of ancestors that is to be forwarded.
Within the Center there are following sectors : the folklore session /that numbers the biggest size of performers/, the singing groups, the big orchestra, the small musician school, the session playing the traditional instruments,  the children drama, the literary session, the session exploring and teaching traditional customs and old-crafts and folklore costumes workshop.
The Folklore session is the largest and number the 53 dancers and 16 orchestra members. There are 26 performance choreography of the most popular Serbian choreographers continuously presented at national and international festivals and contests. The folklore ensemble is awarded by the highest prizes for their performances, among them is the Gratification of the Serbian Orthodox Church.
Traditionally the Festival of spiritual and vernacular heritage of Dinaric Serbs in Vojvodina, that is unique in our country, named “To our nation and descendants” is held every October, gathering over 1.500 performers during three festival days. The authentic groups of performers from all colonized settlements in Vojvodina play, dance and sing the programs in their best and original way which is the event and experience of incomparable value.