Serbia one-day tours

Serbia One-day tours

Isn’t it amazing how it often takes a long journey to a new destination for us to stop and really look at what is around us? What if we were able to use the eyes we use when we travel in our own city and actually see the places where we live?


Serbia is breathtakingly beautiful country on the mountainous Balkans, part of the Corridor 7 or Danube going through Serbia, rich in history and outstanding cultural heritage from the Roman, Byzantine, Medieval and modern times. Serbia features diversity of the landscape and customs of the Serbian population and members of 17 national minorities. Serbia is country of diversified picturesque landmarks, strategic and valuable European piece rich in desirable flavors, seducing tones of great fun, unique rhythms and incredible joys. In Serbia amazing “mental” contrasts enhance awesome issues.

One day tours are regularly operated throughout the season, and in winter period upon weather conditions, most of them on request.

Knowledge is power ! We all have this power in our dreams and desires. We want you to get the best from your holiday in Serbia with us and hope that you, your family and friends will book with PANACOMP WANDERLAND TRAVEL in the future. PANACOMP WONDERLAND TRAVEL invites you to experience emotions on hands-on workshop tours, taking benefits of the best Serbian trade mark – the unique hospitality and warm open-minded attitude of the Serbian people.


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