Serbia multi-day tours

Isn’t it amazing how it often takes a long journey to a new destination for us to stop and really look at what is around us? What if we were able to use the eyes we use when we travel in our own city and actually see the places where we live?


Serbia is breathtakingly beautiful country on the mountainous Western Balkan, part of the Corridor VII or Danube going through Serbia, rich in history and outstanding cultural heritage from the Roman, Byzantine, Medieval and modern times. Serbian Cultural Heritage and preserved Medieval Monasteries treasure fabulous fresco paintings and icons. Serbia features diversity of the landscape and amazing customs of the Serbian population and members of 17 national minorities. The Cultural Heritage of Serbia represents the peak of architecture and art of the Serbian Medieval State. The biographies of the Serbian Medieval rulers are the very beginning of the Serbian literature. Pilgrimage trips feature exploration of the rich religious attractions, with the aim of discovering the truth in the history and provide the most efficient way to understand the past eras.

PANACOMP WONDERLAND TRAVEL is proud to offer more than 200 enriching trips as escorted cultural tours throughout Serbia and the flavorful Balkans. Our tour packages are guided by professional travel guides and special travel advisors – historians, art historians, archaeologists and ethnologists, while some groups that are keen to explore Serbian Medieval Monasteries in the special pilgrimage way – are guided by the Serbian Orthodox monks. It’s up to you to decide what destination and tour style best match your wishes. PANACOMP cultural tours in Serbia are OUTSTANDINGLY rich and carefully planned as unique Serbian hands-on workshop heritage trails focused on local culture, art, architecture, music, uniquely hospitable people of Serbia, food and wine and much more memorable excitements you can experience only in Serbia : handcraft workshops, organic food and delicious homemade products tasting, visit to the archaic places and archaeological sights of preserved customs and architecture in Serbia, meeting with locals, colorful events and festivals, rural households with traditional way of life, “gold-mining”, sheep sheering, Serbian Slava Celebration – Saint Patron’s Day, Serbian Wedding, Medieval Knight games…

Our devoted skillful team is here to help you building your programms and can design free tailor made itineraries for your group requests /from 20 people/ and individual trip. Our rich photo archive contains 20000 photos of all landmarks and attractions included in our tours, hotels, rural households and other partners we contract, which we gladly send to you upon your request. Don’t hesitate and contact us !!!!

The aim of these pages is to help you explore the extraordinary cultural heritage of Serbia and find new tempting places for retreat. Each PANACOMP tour is linked with the particular attraction and landmark included in the tour to inspire you in finding arrangement that best match your interests and inclinations.

PANACOMP WONDERLAND TRAVEL does its best to assure clients capture the essence of the Serbian spectacular cultural heritage and lifestyle of Serbian inhabitants. Meet true Serbia discovering its outstanding Cultural Heritage !


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