Serbia hotels

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The most genuine accommodation deals in Serbia to enrich your spirit… Traditional settlements in a number of eco places of Serbia, featuring various comfortable lodging and catering opportunities and conference facilities and entertainment amenities became increasingly popular in Serbia in recent years. Such traditionally furnished and equipped settlements – called ethno settlements or traditional resorts that appeared in Serbia in last decades are predominantly located in wonderful natural surroundings and offer unique experience close to nature. It is a concept where guests enjoy a place for what it inherently has to offer, rather than something that is replicated from elsewhere. The guests therefore, get to interact with the local people and observe their life-styles, appreciate a culture, customs and environment, different from their own.

Deep in our hearts, we all dream of a green and tranquil haven, invigorating by its fresh air and plenty of pure waters still untouched by the bustling modern life. Welcome to Serbia, the land of eco-treasures, rich in amazing cultural sights and preserved tradition, before it is changed….. Imagine, being surrounded by the wonders of nature’s and heritage gardens dating from the dawn of time. A place where you can climb to the awesome peak of the highest mountain in the region. Taste the different flavors experiencing tremendous Serbia…

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