Serbia Countryside

PANACOMP WONDERLAND Rural tourism in Serbia is particular PANACOMP HOSPITALITY NET which includes promotion of the rural households and countryside touristic facilities in Serbia, marked on PANACOMP WONDERLAND website with itemized numbers in municipalities of Serbia on whose territories they are located. In Serbia there are 328,000 farm holdings of up to 3 hectares in size, which accounts for 56% or the total number of households in Serbian countryside, of which numerous provide tourist services. Panacomp Rural Hospitality Net operates rural vacations and rural arrangements in Serbia with special related activities – picking up fruits, vegetables and medicinal herbs, mowing, donkey and horse race, colorful festivals and traditional events, mountain biking, tractor race, culinary courses, making bread traditional way, preparation of Serbian homemade gibanica, folklore classes, ancient customs and old crafts and handwork workshops, discovering rich cultural heritage of Serbia…., with catering services based on bed and breakfast, half board or full board of only genuine products and locally grown food.


PANACOMP WONDERLAND HOSPITALITY COUNTRYSIDE NET consists of nearly 300 specially chosen rural tourist households of Serbia, that thanks to their uniqueness and authenticity best represent the “forgotten face of Serbia” at first hand, since guests and their hosts come close by authentic experiences and numerous activities they accomplish together. Our ancestors’ houses, and rooms of our childhood, strong scent of dried herbs, warm milk and bread, and the gentle mother’s touch which calms and protects us, are memorable images and impressions. We truly respect our origins, convinced that those who do not, make great mistake…

It will be our great pleasure to plan, propose, confirm and arrange your memorable rural vacations in Serbia, upon your request with specified dates and duration of stay, age, wishes, inclinations, activities and desired location. In the course of the Serbian tradition, PANACOMP has prepared special all-inclusive package called “Serbian buffet“, that stands for unlimited traditional food and drinks and overnight in rural vernacular architecture facilities with local tax for the price of 15 to 30 EUR per person/day. All recommended Serbian rural households providing such convenience are marked with the “Serbian buffet”. We also organize special hassle-free rural packages – weekend arrangements in chosen Rural Households of Serbia, that provide unique experiences !


With the aim to develop and enhance tourism of Serbia, subjects dedicated to improvement of tourist services quality in rural households in Serbia have organized the Press Conference in Tourist Organization of Serbia, on the 09th October 2012 with the aim to present DICTIONARY FOR RURAL HOUSEHOLDS as a simple and very useful tool for more successful and more efficient communication between its users – rural hosts who provide tourist services and foreign guests who spend their vacations in Serbian countryside.

Representatives of significant subjects in establishment of business culture and standards of the Serbian travel industry, creators, promoters and users of the Dictionary for Rural HouseholdsTijana, Mila, Vladimir, Sophie, Ivanka, Mićo, Nevena and Bojan, committed to their close partnership and ready to contribute to the competitiveness of the Tourism in Serbia in the market, and thus stimulate economic growth, employment and quality of life of population, have exchanged their experiences about expectations and impressions of foreign guests who decide to spend their vacations in countryside of Serbia. We have represented opportunities of successful understanding, since the Dictionary for Rural Households of Serbia is precious tool which helps foreign guests to experience pastoral traditions of local population, which evoke the sense of particular times and reflect old flavors and tastes of Serbia, at the same time encouraging rural hosts to express their unbeatable hospitality and innate cordiality, richness of preserved traditions and colorful culture, fulfilling their own needs to take good care about guests by fulfillment of expectations and wishes of their guests.

Today’s customers are pretty demanding and want up to date information, pictures and to read  reviews from other guests that have used our services. That is the reason we are always happy to receive our customers feedback and to post them on our website. Thank you in advance for your review !

Best wishes and happy rustic travels in Serbia !