Sebesfok Charda and Boarding House Bezdan

Sebesfok Charda and Boarding House Bezdan

The famous Šebešfok charda – fish restaurant is located on the Veliki Bački Kanal – Large Backa channel, in the weekend zone of Šebešfok and the Gornje Podunavlje Special Nature Reserve, 6,5 km from the center of Bezdan and some 15 km from Backi Monostor village. The channel Baja – Bezdan is declared the protected nature area of First category within the Gornje Podunavlje Special Nature Reserve. By its amenities the famous Sebesfok charda – fish restaurant with boarding house greatly contributes to the tourist offer on the Veliki Backi channel and the Danube River.

The Veliki bački (Kišov) kanal – the Large Backa Channel is located in the central part of the Vojvodina channel system of DUNAV-TISA-DUNAV with its upper course connecting Sombor with settlements of Bački Monoštor and Bezdan. Veliki Backi kana makes one of the most protected rare bird habitats in Europe and this part of the Middle Podunavlje – white lilly, white-tailed eagle, black stork…. of the Gornje Podunavlje Special Nature Reserve.

Guests have at disposal double-twin rooms with bathrooms, in total capacity of 12 beds. Rooms of the Sebesfok Boarding House come with laminate floors, free WiFi, king size beds and wardrobes. In summer season there are three wooden chalets-logs of the Šebešfok charda – three double bed units with own bathrooms. Nature lovers and all who respect special experience of the Gornje Podunavlje Special Nature Reserve have opportunity to enjoy right by the channel and the charda-fish restaurant, in wooden houses with 2 beds each and own bathrooms, and parking.

The Šebešfok charda – fish restaurant has 200 seats indoor and a large open terrace, as well as the most favorite spot for guests – the floating raft on water. Within the Šebešfok charda is the children playground. Next to the Sebesfok charda Boarding House passes the “Euro Velo 6” cycling trail of the Panonian Peace road which leads to the border with Croatia. Within and surrounding the Šebešfok charda and Boarding House there are excellent terrains for eco, cycling, recreation, and hunting and fishing tourism.

The fish paprikash is prepared at the Šebešfok charda from freshly caught carp or mixed fish that is gourmet specialty which attracts visitors to come again. Chefs of the Šebešfok Charda traditionally prepare exceptionally tasty fish paprikash that best goes with homemade noodles – also prepared on spot. The fish paprikash is cooked only by order, and cooking lasts about 40 minutes, during which time guests are invited to taste uniquely delicious fish starters – conserved and marinated fish or smoked fish or original smoked kulen sausage. Along the fish paprika, the Šebešfok Charda – fish restaurant and boarding house have on the menu various kinds of delicious fried fish. The Šebeškof Charda is suitable for organization of various parties celebrations and wedding parties.