Sapat Winery Wine Atelier Novi Slankamen

Sapat Winery Wine Atelier Novi Slankamen

It is known and often said in the world of wines, that wine was always part of the culture, while some wines can create the art. The Šapat Wine Atelier – Šapat Atelje is located in Novi Slankamen, on gentle slopes of the Fruska Gora Mountain-National Park, that slowly descent to the Danube River, and bless everyone who live close to the Nature and is dedicated to Her. Almost at the middle of the Danube River course, rises the final hill of Fruska Gora Mt, which features ideal physical and agronomic and micro-climate conditions for grape growing.  Here there are vast vineyards of the Šapat Atelier – Winery, divided into two parts. The northern part of vineyards is greatly influenced by proximity of the Danube river that is suitable for growing of white varieties and the southern side of the slope is turned direction Srem district and very suitable for growing of the red grape varieties. On the sunny exposed slopes of the Fruska Gora Mountain/National Park are planted particular vine varieties as Chaardonnay, Sauvignon, Yellow Muscatt  fragrant Traminac, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon. The fertile soil, pure waters, healthy harvest and incomparable human energy result in high quality wines of the Atelje Sapat Winery that feature unique taste. The enologist of the Šapat Atelje of wines in Novi Slankamen is reputed Italian expert Luigi Mattiuzzo whose wines are many times awarded in Italy. The grape vine sorts of the Sapat Atelje – Winery origin from the largest grape wine resource in the world –  Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo, from Rauscedo Italy, while choice of selected sorts came as result of a number of experiential consultations and research and tasting with the aim to reach the most interesting combination for wines that are produced here. The space where the grapes from the own vineyards is turned into the wine is planned along the most modern standards and technology, and features several units, that all together, in several levels, cover 400 sq m in size. The winery features modern oenology technology, while in the the barrique cellars there are traditional wooden barrels, made of French oak, and suitable for fermentation and keeping the red wines. Barik barrels are made of various types of oak, and accommodates 200 liters of red wine each.

The Chardonnay Sapat wine of 2015 harvest features intense yellow-goldish color. When smelled it is intense and complex, with distinctive vanilla and Acacia honey smell, mineral tones that come along with the matured Tropical fruits. When this wine is tasted, the balance of freshness and softness is found, with very intense and long-term elegant aroma. Optimal temperature for serving this wine is 10-12 C, and it goes best as aperitif of with cold starters, soups and main dishes with eggs, fish and white meats.

The Suma Šapat wine of the Sapat Atelje – boutique winery has 12,50% of alcohol and gentle, thatched – yellowish color, with some golden reflection, and is recommended to be consumed in hot summer days.   When sampled, it is noble and gentle wine, of medium fullness and soft body. This wine features intense vanilla and Acacia honey aroma, combined with fresh taste of peach, apricot and banana. It is best if served on the temperature of 10-12 C, with light cold dishes, salads, fish and sea food.

The Pi’ red wine of the Šapat Atelje Winery in Novi Slankamen in Fruska Gora is red wine from the harvest of 2013, with 14% of alcohol, produced from Cabernet Sauvignon, Vranac and Merlot grapes. This unique wine of the Atelje Šapat Winery features bright red color, with gentle tones of the matured pomegranate. When sampled one can find very intense spices, with typical characteristics of the grape varieties. The Pi wine comes as very distinguished body, and vanilla and wood scents, pretty long at the end, with gentle tanins, that greatly contribute to its softness and excellent structure. This wine is best if served at the temperature of 18 C with wild game dishes, roasted piglet and lamb, tasty cheese and desserts of  black chocolate.

The Magnus wine of the Šapat Atelje winery is red and dry wine, produced from 2015 harvest of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot and Vranac sorts, with 13,5% of alcohol.  When smelled it is soft and gentle with tones of plum jam. When tasted it is gentle and dry, smooth, with distinct aroma of blueberry and plum. The Magnus wine of the Šapat Atelje Cuvee goes well with grilled red meats, cooked and baked meat, roasted and semi-salty cheese, served at the temperature of 18°C.

The Šapat Rose wine of 2016 harvest is dry rose wine of the Šapat Atelje Winery, produced of Merlot and Teroldego, wtih 14% alcohol. This wine features exceptionally refined and elegant color that come from plenty of fruits, most from their core, where pleasant almond bitterness can be tasted. This wine is best if served at the temperature of 6-10 C, with cold starters with cheese and smoked fish, Carpaccio rump-steak, hot dished with Rissotto, vegetable spaghetti, trout filet, omelets with onion, grilled light meats.

The Cabernet Sauvignon of the harvest 2013 of the Šapat Atelje Winery was awarded with the gold medal on the 13th International wine competition of Emozioni dal Mondo, organized by the Vignaioli Bergamaschi Association and the Valcalepio consortium, supported by the organization of wine and vine.

Long and comprehensive and careful planning of the cozy Club by owners of the Sapat Atelje Winery successfully came to end, so real wine lovers and art experts are welcome now at the winery in Novi Slankamen. Visitation of wine connoisseurs to the Club of the Sapat Atelje winery surely enhances its owners while visitors are rewarded with combination of unusual nature, rich culture, implemented knowledge and preserved traditions. The outer and interior decoration of the Club of the Sapat Wine and the Wine Atelje – the Boutique Winery and the way of food preparation and its presentation, as well as the rich collection of arts and antiquities, clearly define the aim of the owners to name this complex the artistic atelier. Tasting room of the Šapat Winery – the Wine Atelier can accommodate 60 guests and even 150 guests if the garden is used, so here are organized wedding parties, celebrations of birthday and corporate meeting and gatherings. Every element and detail testify on hard work and refined taste, aiming to crown it with the artistic life philosophy, that came to the owners as the inner whisper and became their primary target of the business and private vision.

The Šapat Atelje winery features its own planed vineyards in Novi Slankamen, the modern winery, exclusive Club-restaurant and the villa with luxury apartments, blessed with the glittering Danube. There are 2 lavishly appointed apartments and four intimate rooms at the Atelje Šapat Winery that provide visitors unique comfort and pleasant stay in the Fruska Gora wine region. The elegant ambiance of the Club-restaurant of the Šapat Winery goes fully in harmony with the surrounding vineyards, enabling visitors additional pleasant experience of the wonderful panorama of the Danube River. Carefully prepared food of the Šapat Atelje Winery makes ideal combination of classical choice of basic tastes, and courageousness and imagination in implementation of unique spices and the way there are used and presented in the final dishes. The elegant and stylish Club restaurant of the Šapat Winery in Novi Slankamen makes excellent choice for successful organization of various exclusive business events and private parties. The offer of the Šapat Atelje Winery includes full privacy, top quality wines and unique selection of finest food, as well as the brilliant service and full dedication of the entire staff. The Šapat Atelje Winery in Novi Slankamen is refined and elegantly appointed marvelous wine spot of cozy atmosphere, where excellent wines are produced in limited quantities, for which the owners admit that diligent hands of hard workers can only perform, but result in fulfillment of the soul, that no money can buy or pay for. The professional team of the Šapat Atelje Winery is at disposal of visitors to help them enter the miracle word of wines, when take them to the wine cellar. The Sapat Atelje Winery is present in the national market with several wine varieties, among which the most famous are the Suma and the Chardonnay barique wines. From red wines, there are present the Magnus and the Pi wines, and now already the gold-medal awarded Cabernet, that can be bought in the Wine House and the luxury Townhouse Hotel 27 in Belgrade, and in specialized shops, with varied packing options, of which those exclusive with a glass as a present, are the most suitable for long distance travelers.