Sandanski Hotels

Sandanski is famous SPA resort of Bulgaria, located in the Blagoevgrad Province, in southwest Bulgaria, on the South-Western side of the Pirin mountain-National Park. Sandanski is situated at the elevation of 240-300 meters, some 50 km from the border with North Macedonia and some 30 km from the Greek border, and belongs to the warmest cities of Bulgaria. Sandanski is named after Yane Sandanski – a revolutionary and political leader of the anti-Ottoman campaign, recognized as a national hero in both Bulgaria and Macedonia. The area around the modern Sandanski is populated for more than three thousand years with archaeological artefacts and founds dating from the earliest human history, from the times of the Thracians, Romans, Byzantines…. Surroundings of Sandanski spa is is abundant in cultural and historical sites and natural landmarks – Archaeological Museum, Episcopical Basilica, Rozhen Monastery, Sveti Vrach Park….

Sandanski is most famous resort of Balneology and spa treatments in Bulgaria. Some of the best-known springs of Sandanski are the Turkish Bath, the Chrism Tap, Pariloto, and the new drilled well. The Sandanski mineral water healing properties are used for water treatment of motor, central and peripheral nervous system diseases, as well as gynecological problems. Drinking of the Sandanski water is recommended for improvement of gastrointestinal conditions.