Albedo Villa Sabac rustic accommodation Varna village 081

Villa Albedo Sabac rustic accommodation – Varna village 081

Šabac is located about 100 km west of Belgrade and 80 km away from Novi Sad, on the right bank of the Sava river. Here was Slovenian colony by name Zaslon (Cover) in the medieval age. Most probably Šabac got its name after the Sava river that runs through the city. People regard Sabac as “Little Paris“ because of its unique architecture and joyful way of life of its inhabitants. The Albedo Villa that features true artistic touch and spreads unique charm is located in the tiny village of Varna in Pocerina area, on the road to Cer Mountain, 10 km away from Šabac, 85 km south of Novi Sad and 100 km south-west of Belgrade. The Albedo Villa is owned by hospitable Mrs Milojka of Kovačević family and features surface of some 300 m2 with large parking of 500 m2, and vast green fragrant yard of some 3000 m2, full of flowers and greenery, surrounded with fragrant fields. Hosts grow own organic vegetables and fruits on the vast property surrounding their villa and are successfully engaged for several years in rural tourism.

Accommodation is provided in six nicely decorated bedrooms /of which two are situated in towers of one of the structures/, with four bathrooms. At guests disposal are two living-rooms, study room with library, tea-lounge and large terrace upstairs and free Wi-Fi Internet. The food served to guests is delicious and only authentic Serbian specialties, prepared by friendly host are served here. Part of the household is turned into the art-workshops and studios that guests can use for they own artistic workshops and various cultural performances. This Villa is suitable for family vacations and stay of joint companies. The Villa Albedo was awarded with the Tourist Flower Prize for excellent quality of services and tourist offer.

Excursions to many interesting sites, attractions and places of interest in this region with memorable and interesting activities are well-organized by owner of the Villa, and chosen professional tourist and mountain guides, animators and escorts, which provide unique experiences to visitors – Monasteries of Kaona, Soko Grad, Radovašnica, Petkovica, Dobri Potok… Specially attractive is the tour exploring the Cer Battle, which explains the Austro-Hungarian invasion on Serbia in 1914, fierce combats and large number of casualties and fatalities suffered after nearly 10 days of fighting by both sides, which heralded the massive cost in human lives of the First World War. This uniquely pleasant rustic villa is part of our special offer for weekend packages in Serbian countryside.

Lot of attractive natural and historical sights are located nearby, as spa springs of Badanja, Bogatić, Dublje, Lipolist Ethno settlement, Cer Mountain, Tekeriš Monument, Mišar… Art colonies, concerts, fashion presentations, parties and folklore events and other music performances and poetic evenings are organized all year round in this beautiful rustic villa.