Rudno rural tourism – Sekler Rural tourist complex 079

Rudno rural tourism – Sekler Rural tourist complex 079

Rudno rural tourism – PANACOMP Rural Household and property for rent 079

PANACOMP Property for rent 079 – rural tourist household in Rudno village on wonderful and wild Golija Mountain plateau provides invigorating and active vacations throughout the year in truly natural style and ambiance. This traditional rural tourist complex is set in the vast yard full of greenery and flowers, surrounded with endless meadows and pastures and thick forests, where you can see cows and sheep but also peaks of the Kopaonik Mountain. Guests spending their holidays here also have opportunity to learn traditional way of life and watch their hosts prepare delicious food in traditional way. Rudno is tiny beautiful village on Radocelo Mountain known as the place with the largest number of sunny days in Serbia and the unique “rose of winds” and wonderful clean mountainous air that are extremely suitable for curing lung diseases.

This comfortable traditional complex – rustic household on beautiful Rudno Plateau is famous for its widely known Beli bagrem traditional restaurant with 100 seats which serves delicious authentic food prepared of finest fresh own and locally grown ingredients. The owner-lady Milijana is very famous cook and participant-winner of numerous rural, tourist and gastro competitions. Among them is popular TV show Kuhinja moga kraja – “Kitchen of my area” that greatly representes various skills of diligent lady host Milijana and beauties of this household and the surroundings. The whole family is engaged in tourism….

This comfortable rural household – traditional rural tourist complex in Rudno village on Golija Mountain provides comfortable accommodation in wooden logs-cottages with spacious apartments with living room – some with fire place, constructed of the massive pine wood beams and natural materials and details. This accommodation in the middle of wonderful nature is very suitable for family vacations, mountainous active holidays or romantic escape. The large wooden house is entirely made of wood and natural materials and contains two five-beds apartments with two bedrooms /one with king size bed and another with three separate beds/. The apartments are equipped with bathroom with shower and living room with LCD TV and fully equipped dining space. Other two smaller wooden logs feature a living room, kitchen, living room, an attic bedroom with two beds and bathroom with shower.

Structure of apartments in the Traditional tourist complex of Sekler family in Rudno village:

Apartment B1 – kitchen, living room, 1 bathroom, 2 bedrooms (1 room with king-size French bed and another bedroom with 4 single beds).

Apartment B2 – kitchen, living room, 1 bathroom, 2 bedrooms (1 bedroom with king-size French bed and another bedroom with 3 single beds).

Apartment B3 – kitchen, living room, 1 bathroom, 1 attic bedroom (2 single beds) Notice: option for sleeping on three-seater sofa bed in living room.

Apartment B4 – kitchen, living room, 1 bathroom, 1 attic bedroom (2 single beds) Notice: option for sleeping on corner sofa bed in living room.

Apartment B5 – kitchen, living room, 1 bathroom, 3 bedrooms (1 bedroom with king-size French bed, other 2 bedrooms with 2 single beds each).

Apartment B6 – kitchen, living room, 1 bathroom, 1 bedroom (with king-size French bed and 2 single beds).

Special advantage of holidays or weekend spent here in Rudno village at this comfortable rustic tourist holiday complex is uniquely clean and quiet environment, but also plenty of outdoor and invigorating activities to perform – walking, hiking, cycling, tennis on grass, free play of children in the green yard and children playground….

Guests staying at the rural tourist complex of Sekler Family in Rudno village are excited with uniquely tasty food prepared by hosts in traditional way from supplies grown in this wonderfully clean and healthy natural environment : homemade bread, hominy, cheese, kaymak /sour cream/, smoked meat, yoghurt, roasted lamb or beef, traditional dishes, slatko-fruit jelly of wild raspberries and other forest fruits, fresh and pickled salads, sweets… natural juices prepared of wild strawberry, raspberry and cranberry, excellent homemade rakijas-brandies and natural honey…. that made this picturesque village of Rudno widely popular in Serbia, but also abroad !!!! Guests staying in this rustic comfortable rural household in Rudno village are offered exclusively tasty and healthy food – homemade corn-bread, bread made in “old-way” manner, cheese, kaymak, smoked meet, flavorful vegetables and fruits grown in this unique area, roasted lamb and beef. Delicious traditional food and outstandingly clean environment have made Rudno popular not only in Serbia but abroad as well!!!

This tourist complex in Rudno village is encircled with a forest and enjoys wonderful panorama of surrounding mountains, but also a sport grounds – tennis court and movable summer pool. Within this uniquely clean environment, guests enjoy in outdoor activities thanks to number or hiking trails through the forest and along meadows, to the waterfalls and socializing with diligent and friendly hosts, who are keen to make their stay unforgettable….

Activities : MTB cycling, sports, picking-up medicinal herbs, wild fruits and forest products, milking cows, walking along beautiful fragrant meadows, making fruit jam and preserves, culinary courses, skiing, mowing and making hay stocks…

Places to see and sights nearby : UNESCO sites and well-preserved Medieval Monasteries, Gradac and Studenica Monasteries, Stara Pavlica and Nova Pavlica Monasteries, Djurdjevi Stupovi Monastery, Saint Peters Church, Sopocani Monastery, Novi Pazar….