Rozanstvo village apartments to rent

Rožanstvo is the picturesque village of Zlatibor region at the altitude of about 800 meters with about 450 inhabitants who are mostly engaged in hand made wooden barrows manufacture and wood-carved production. Rozanstvo village is 16 km away from the center of Zlatibor on the road to Sirogojno. Prištavica river flows through Rozanstvo village on which right side is situated Stopica Pecina Pecina Cave, one of the most beautiful caves in Serbia. Banja Vapa /Vapa Banja Spa/ that is believed to have extraordinary curative effects on skin and eye diseases with the constant temperature of 17 Celsius Degrees is located nearby. Authentic watermills that still nowadays grange flavor are also located nearby.

Apartments in Rožanstvo village I category – 4 stars are located in the very hearth of the village, 15 km away from Zlatibor Mountain tourist center, on the way to Sirogojno Open Air Museum. Spacious apartments are very comfortable, fully equipped and suitable for family vacations or preparations of sport teams. Rožanstvo village is outstandingly tranquil and quiet, so primarily attracts those who seek genuine relaxation and preserved tradition and rural way of life. Activities during stay in Rožanstvo are trekking, biking, sports – basket ball, volley ball and football, that are located just by apartments, as well as excursions to nearby tourist sights and attractions. Tourist Organization of Zlatibor has proclaimed Rožanstvo Apartments the best rental partner in 2010. Apartments in Rožanstvo village feature following space, structure and capacities that are very suitable for nature lovers and families with children holidays. Apartment No.1 covers 45 s q m is double apartment, of which one room has 2+1 beds and the second one has 1+1 beds what make total of 5 beds. Apartment No.2 is also double-room apartment which covers 45 s q m, of which first room has 2+1 beds and the second one has 1+1 beds, which also make total of 5 beds. Apartment No.3 is double-room apartment with surface of 37 s q m, with 2 beds in one room and 2+2 beds in the second room, with total of 6 beds. Apartment No. 4 is triple-room apartment with surface of 70 s q m, of which the first room has 2+1 beds, the second room has 3+1 beds and the third room has 1+1 beds, with total capacity of 9 beds. Apartments and the central lobby that covers 70 s q m are equipped with LCD TV and DVD player. In the close proximity of Rožanstvo Apartments there are the traditional restaurant, Post office, Shops and Sport terrains. Guests who do not want to prepare food themselves are invited to have their meals in nearby rural household, famous for delicious homemade specialties – cheese pie – gibanica, kaymak, cheese, yoghurt, smoked beef and ham, soups, baked lamb, fresh vegetables and fruits… During their vacations in Rožanstvo Apartments guests enjoy in various activities – walking and trekking along meadows and through forests, excursions to Stopića Pećina Cave, Open Air Museum of Staro Selo Sirogojno, Gostilje Waterfall, Zlatibor tourist center, Boškove vode resort, Spa of Toša, Jokino Vrelo resort or Tornik Ski Center…There are several legends on how Rožanstvo village got its name : one says that name comes from the word božanstvo /divinity/, the other that it is derived from “roždestvo” /archaic form of Slavonic word meaning birth as well as the Christmas/; the third legend explains that the first newcomers to Rožanstvo village, Glumci Family said ” This is real God issue” when first time arrived to the village, while some responded ” What God Issues, we will suffer from work so you will see your true rebirth !”. The fourth legend on the name of Rožanstvo is connected with the local soil structure – rožnace. From 1700 until 1840 there was Milutinović-Simović Family that lived here whose present day relatives are Stakic Family. Sima Milutinović Sarajlija , famous patriot, writer and historic person is descendant of this family. The attractive gathering of genuine folklore singers “Bez izvora nema vode” /without springs there is no water/ is held in Rožanstvo village every August. During stay in this unique apartment complex and Zlatibor district we strongly recommend visit to the Smoke-House in Musvete village which manufactures finest Dalmatian prosciutto and other delicacies, and provides memorable and outstanding experiences.