Rostovo Tourist settlement and Sport-recreation Center

Rostovo  Tourist settlement and Sport-recreation Center

Tourist settlement and Sport-recreation Center of Rostovo is located on the wonderful plateau of Rostovo, above town of Bugojno, in Central Bosnia, between Bugojno and Novi Travnik, at the elevation of 1160 meters, where the Mediterranean and the continental climate meet. Rostovo is geographically set on the crossroad of roads : Sarajevo – Zenica – Novi Travnik – Bugojno – Kupres – Livno – Split. The Rostovo tourist settlement and the Sport-recreation Center is only 15 km away from Bugojno, 110 km away from Sarajevo, 120 km from Mostar, 60 km away from Zenica and 160 km from Split.

The area of the upper course of the Vrbas River, from Jajce to the Makljen Mountain and the source of the Rama River, was called The Zhupa Uskoplje in the Middle ages. From the southeast side the border area were zhupa Lasva and Vrhbosna, on the north there was the Pliva river, and on the southwest the Završje area, so called the Zapadne strane – west sides. The Uskoplje zhupa was one of the largest and most famous in the Medieval Bosnia, and its significance was supported by its natural and geographical location, as the “tzar road” used to pass along its entire course.  This trading road in Roman era connected Salona in the central Adriatic with the Argentaria in Podrinje area, and in the Medieval times towns of Trogir and Zadar with Bobovac, Borac and Samobor, and along Dobrun also with towns in Serbia. Ever-since the earliest past,  Bugojno was known as the important crossroad and settlement on the main road towards the Adriatic, and also from there to the center of the Balkan Peninsula. During the Middle Age Bugojno was the shortest connection between the ancient Bosnia and towns of Dalmatia, as it is today as well.

The Rostovo tourist settlement and the Sport-recreation Center operates since 1984 when the Winter Olympic Games were held in Sarajevo, and ever since it was used as the winter resort and the recreation facility for a number of famous sport teams and clubs. Unfortunately, the tragic events of the90-ties in the Balkans had thrown the shade on this region, which was for a while abandoned and reflected the image of the former good past. With the construction of the road from Bugojno to Novi Travnik and the rest of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the life slowly returned into this area, so Rostovo gradually became the attractive tourist destination throughout the year. By its geographic location, the Rostovo tourist settlement and the Sport-recreation Center makes the peaceful oasis of beauty, tranquility and nature in the heart of the Central Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its green fields, longaeval population, more than 50 springs of potable water, and hills adorned with authentic houses, weekend houses and places for vacations and recreation, this tourist settlement on the Rostovo Plateau reveal its visitors the fairy-tale side of Bosnia and Herzegovina, often destroyed by stories of poverty, crisis, corruption and criminal…. Rostovo area is widely known as the source of highest quality of blueberries, blackberries, mushrooms, herbs, homemade potato, kaymak, eggs and other locally grown products and supplies.

In the Rostovo traditional settlement and Sport-recreation Center they say ”this region is known by locals as the air-spa, about which testify numerous positive cases of recuperated and healed people, after stay in the Rostovo area”. Besides the magnificent nature, visitors have the opportunity to explore the small ethnographic exhibition, which represents the rich inheritance of this region, old houses, carriages, tools… In the close proximity of the Ravno Rostovo village, on the road  M 16-4 Novi Travnik-Bugojno, there is the former favorite hunting ground of the Yugoslav President Tito, while the local hunting clubs and associations are very active today, as well. Forests of the Rostovo area hide numerous mountainous huts and hunting logs. The Ski Center “Rostovo” boasts 2 ski lifts, of capacity of 1500 skiers per hour, one 500 meters and the other 900 meters long. The distance from the ski track and the hotel is 100  meters. The Ski track on the Rostovo Plateau is ideal for ski beginners and recreation skiers. The surface is grassy, so with low options for injure or ski damage. The ski track is equipped with lights, which provides skiers to ski in the night. At the foot of the ski lifts, there is the cafe bar where guests can have refreshment or take a drink to warm themselves, along with the variety of fast food, which pleases every taste and wishes.

The Rostovo traditional tourist settlement and Sport-recreation Center contains the Rostovo Hotel and the Babici traditional settlement. The Rostovo provides comfortable accommodation in luxuriously appointed and furnished double-twin, triple and four-bed rooms, equipped with modern bathrooms, SAT TV and phone. The Rostovo Hotel boasts spacious winter-summer garden with 100 seats, with panorama over one of the ski tracks, very suitable for organization of various business meetings and events in summer. The Central Bosnia and renown for good hospitality and rich cuisine, so guests of the Babići Traditional settlement and the Rostovo Hotel are served with rich gastronomic offer of the Dalmatian and the Bosnian kitchen, or the finest food specially adjusted to thematic evenings, as Sevdah evenings or Hunters evenings, or tasty specialties of vegetarian and healthy food. The Rostovo Hotel features a cafe bar, a restaurant and nicely appointed gym, the massage pool, Jacuzzi and a sauna. The Rostovo traditional tourist settlement and the Sport-recreation Center with the Babići traditional settlement includes authentic wooden houses, fully reconstructed and adapted with modern amenities and equipment, to please needs and demands of modern visitors.

During their stay at the Babići traditional settlement of the Rostovo traditional tourist settlement and Sport-recreation Center guests enjoy in well-preserved customs and learn about the rich cultural and historical heritage, while exploring the exhibited tools and items of every day life of local population, for some hardly to understand that still exist – authentic blacksmith house, mill, horse stud, barns, domestic animals. In winter guests enjoy in sledding around the village, taking full advantage of the winter idyll, and in spring and summer they have variety of outdoor activities, such are hikes along well-marked trails, mountain bike ride – mountain bikes rental available on spot, gliding, mountaineering and climbing the Kalin peak, 1530 meters, horse back riding, carriage ride….