Radoja rural household Sipovo

Radoja rural household Sipovo

Rural household Sipovo – rooms and apartments to rent Sipovo – Pljeva

The Rural household in beautiful natural environment of the Sipovo area, on the Pliva River is run by friendly and diligent hosts, passionate to make stay of their guests truly unforgettable. Landscape in Sipovo around the confluence of the Janj river with the Pliva river is plain and hilly, with elevation of 440 meters, which gradually turns into the mountainous terrains, with the highest altitude in south of the Vitorog Mountain, 1906 meters, in the north of the Lisina Mountain, 1335 meters, in the east of the Gorica Mountain, 1267 meters and in the west of the Cardak Mountain, 1452 meters. The Sipovo rural accommodation is located near the breathtaking fly-fishing area on the Pliva River, and boasts 3 comfortable apartments with 5 beds each, and standard bedrooms with bathrooms. Bedrooms and apartments of the Sipovo rural household of high category are equipped with central heating, comfortable wooden furniture and simple, but perfectly clear amenities in pleasant warm colors, which provide comfortable and pleasant stay throughout the year. Guests staying in this rural household in Sipovo eco zone and natural environment truly enjoy the privileges of sustainable rural tourism, benefits of preserved Sipovo eco zone and nature, richness of well preserved customs and traditions, colorful festivals and traditional events, the finest traditional food prepared from produces grown in own agricultural production or by friendly neighbors, various outdoor excursions, fly-fishing in Pliva and Janj Rivers locations during the high season between May 01 – October 31, mount-biking along the mountains, hiking or visit to the Saint Petka Church. Spring of the Pliva River is located in the Pljeva village, 6 km upstream from Sipovo and together with the entire Pliva River Basin and its unique purity, colors and  diversity of underwater world makes one of the most beautiful fly-fishing locations in the world. The cycling trail from Sipovo to the Pliva lakes goes along the right side of the river and is ideal for relaxed bike ride, thanks to lack of traffic /or almost no traffic/.

Within this respectable rural household in Sipovo there is the restaurant designed in authentic style, which is the most favorite place to gather and exchange experiences of their vacations for visitors of different profiles and interests from all over the world. In this rural household in Sipovo you get only fresh and delicious traditional food – fritters, kaymak, meat and cheese pies, homemade yogurt, dairy produces, roasted lamb, meals cooked in ceramic pots, Sipovo Bread, smoked meat, famous Plivovica homemade brandy….

Activities – fly fishing, bird-watching, agricultural works – mowing, hay collecting, learning and observation of old crafts and handwork, making Šipovo Bread, preparing pie and meals under ceramic pots, visit to the old mills, photo safari – wolves and wild game watching, visit to the Vagan Pecina Cave, walks in nature, hiking, mount-biking….