Rancho and Vancho na Kata Rural Tourism Omorani village

Rancho and Vancho na Kata Rural Tourism Omorani village

Once upon a time …. there lived Donka and Stojko, a couple who at the turn of the 19th century made their home by the chattering Crnushka stream. In the year 1939, their son Gjorgija built another house only 20 meters away from his parents’ home, which he had turned into a barn where he kept farm animals and stored wheat and tobacco. Both houses were built in the traditional Macedonian architectural style; the outer walls were built using roughly hewn stone and earth for mortar, 60 centimeters thick; the largest room in the house doubles as a traditional Macedonian verandah called a chardak with a scenic view of the center of the tiny village.
A century or so later… on the turn of another century, in the year of 2010, Katarina bought the abandoned house in tiny Omorani village. The two houses were carefully restored to their original appearance and state by strengthening the carrying walls, fortifying the remaining sound beams, building a new veranda that mirrors the style of the old one and preservation (cleaning and protection) of the old hearth and the several authentic household items found inside of the house. It was also necessary and important to completely reconstruct some parts of the house, including the roof (using the old tiles), the introduction of indoor plumbing and the construction of bathrooms, setting up a solar collector which provides the house with hot sanitary water. The first house was transformed into a kitchen for cooking in summer, eaves made of wooden beams and a pool, complemented by a section furnished with traditional Turkish seating. Thus the guests today can re-live the authentic Macedonian rural experience as well as enjoy a certain rustic comfort all at the same place. At the moment, the house is furnished with four nicely appointed rooms, equipped with wooden furniture and comfortable beds, and three bathrooms on the top floor /accessible by the wooden stairs/, with a capacity to accommodate 10 guests.

The ground level of the Vancho and Rancho na Kata Rural tourism features a completely furnished kitchen, spacious dining and living room with fire place, which all are at disposal of visitors.
The fully restored and refurbished house in Omorani village is currently the private property of Katarina and Vancho from Skopje. The house is used for rural tourism and is rented to individual visitors or groups, keen to spend relaxed vacations in authentic warm ambiance of the tiny village. There is the added possibility of catering and organization of various amazing outdoor and traditional activities which meet the visitors’ requirements and successfully make them enjoy the fairy-tale natural beauty and well-preserved lifestyle – hiking along well-marked trails through the lush beech forest, MTB ride, tour of the nearby natural sites, caves, rivers rich in mountainous trout and the beautiful Babuna waterfalls, detox packages, culinary workshops which include picking up tasty fresh and locally grown vegetables and fruits and herbs from the organic garden and arranging supplies from nearby local producers…… /making homemade bread and various pies and in autumn especially the preparation of ayvar – the famous delicious relish popular everywhere in the Balkans !!

Visitors staying in this rustic house in Omorani village claim to they truly enjoy the good sleep here, that best refreshes and invigorates the body and soul after outdoor and traditional activities or pleasant socialization with diligent hosts who are keen to demonstrate their unique hospitality and do everything possible to assure vacations of their guests the most memorable and relaxing experience with lots of fun !

Amenities of the  Vancho and Rancho na Kata Rural Household in Omorani village : Non-smoking rooms, free WiFi internet connection, LAN Wi-Fi, Laundry, parking, heating, free parking, luggage storage, balcony, shared bathroom, complimentary toiletries, own bathroom, parquet, carpets, wardrobe/closet, rugs, outdoor pool, hiking, cycling, gardening, culinary courses, fishing, collecting medicinal herbs /lemon balm, rosemary. St. Johns, Basil, Mint, Thyme  …/ and how to use them in your kitchen and for medical treatments: learn how to make your 100%-natural cosmetics /face creams, body scrubs and deodorants/.

The Omorani village is sleepy village of some 100 inhabitants suited in the central part of Macedonia, 30 km southwest of Veles, 28 km northeast of Prilep, hidden from the main road by the marvelous surrounding peaks of the Jakupica Mt. The Babuna river provides life to the picturesque slopes of the Jakupica Mount with its Solunska Glava peak /2500 m/, which attracts many climbers to conquer the Nezhilovi Steni reef. Special adventure is to get to the crystal clear springs and the Babuna Waterfall. The most attractive part of the Jakupica Mt is its southern side, with the glacial rock called the Nežilovska Stena, which hides the source of the Babuna River /at elevation of 1200 m/.