Rajko’s Pecina Cave

 Rajko’s Pecina Cave

Rajko’s Pecina Cave is located near the town of Majadanpek in East Serbia, 200 km east of Belgrade.”Rajkova Pecina Cave” – Rajko’s Pecina Cave is the source of the Mali Pek River which can be seen in most of the lower cave sections. The upper, dry level of the Rajkova Pecina Cave is the exit for the tourist visitation route. Total length of the Rajkova Pecina Cave is 2,304 meters, of which the guided route for visitors is 1.410 meters long. The inside temperature of Rajkova Pecina Cave is +- 8 C and the humidity is around 100 %.

The Rajkova Pecina cave is named after a national hero called Rajko, the local Duke who lived in the area during the period of the Turkish conquest. Legend has it duke that Rajko used the hide treasures in the cave to keep it safe from the Turkish plunders. In 1975 Rajkova Pecina Cave was opened for tourists. The Rajkova Pecina Cave contains the best speleothems and stalactites in all of Serbia. Rajkova Pecina Cave is full of sparkling white crystals, whilst for a length of more than 300 meters the cave floor is composed of 1 meter thick red stalactite gourds. Rajkova Pecina Cave is probably the richest cave in Serbia in regard with the cave-jewelry of white and red crystal calcite. Special attraction is traditional lunch served right at the entrance to the cave, prepared by locals from organic supplies and ingredients /which needs to be announced and pre-booked/.

Recently excavated and ever since nearly completely unknown caves near Majdanpek – Mala and Kozja Pecina  Caves /Small Cave and Goat Pecina Caves/ in proximity of the Blizna village, have provided proofs on life existence as early as 40.000 years with finds on Neanderthal Man, when modern human started to settle in Europe. “Hinterland of Djerdap – the Djerdap Gorge was the first obstruction for the modern human who occurred here. Those people could have not avoid encounter with the Neanderthal Man so possibly there was contact and encounter between them. This is one of the oldest and earliest proofs of habitation of modern man in South East Europe”. Prof Dusan Mihajlovic


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