Radocelo Hotel Kraljevo Cemerno Mountain

Radocelo Hotel Kraljevo Cemerno Mountain

The Radočelo Hotel is fully refurbished comfortable 3 stars tourist facility owned by the Antonijevic Family which successfully runs their tourism and catering businesses since the eighties of the 2oth century.

The Radočelo Hotel is located on the territory of the Kraljevo Municipality, at the elevation of 580 meters of the Cemerno Mountain, half way between the tiny village of Usce on Ibar and town of Ivanjica, 9 km from the Studenica Monastery.

In the proximity of the Radočelo Hotel is the large parking with elevated plateau above the Studenica River containing the brown – stream trout fishpond where trout is produced for more than 15 years.

The Radočelo Hotel boasts of 9 comfortable rooms with total accommodation capacity of 22 beds, and the spacious restaurant with 180 seats.

Modern rooms of the Radočelo Hotel are equipped with matrices and linen of high quality that provide pleasant relaxation in wonderfully preserved natural environment.

Each room of the Radočelo Hotel is equipped with amenities for pleasant and comfortable stay or vacation of nature lovers – laminate floors with carpeting, comfortable single or king size beds with comfortable matrices and linen, wardrobe, work desk, bedside table, modern bathroom with shower and hotel cosmetics.

Rooms of the Radočelo Hotel are positioned on two floors, and feature following structure – 2 rooms with king size beds, 4 rooms with separate – single beds, 2 triple rooms and 1 four-bed room – the family room with a king size bed and 2 separate-single beds.

Most of rooms feature terraces with lovely view to the Studenica River. Besides the accommodation in the main structure, there are few cottages with 2 or 3 beds and own bathrooms available.

Central heating provides pleasant stay in Radocelo Hotel throughout the year, especially in winter when this area turns into a true idyll, usually covered with deep snow.

The restaurant of the Radočelo Hotel is situated on the first floor and serve guests with rich buffet breakfast and large selection of highly tasty and healthy food prepared from locally grown ingredients – kaymak, cheese, smoked delicacies, proja /corn bread/, gibanitsa /cheese pie/, various soups, grilled trout, beef slowly cooked under the pot, roasted lamb and piglet, grilled meat, various salads and traditional sweets…

Besides memorable wedding parties and other celebrations, in the hall of the restaurant of the Radocelo Hotel are successfully organized meetings, seminars and other similar business events employees and business partners.

The Radočelo Hotel is completely surrounded with wonderful natural ambiance with uniquely clean mountainous air as here join forested mountains of Radocelo and Cemerno featuring numerous natural advantages, like excellent hiking and walking trails, Ibar River rafting, terrain vehicle ride and mountain bike ride.

Gurgle of purely clean Studenica River and its cascades provide pleasant and relaxing stay in the Radocelo Hotel. This nearly wild area of the Central Serbia is rich in forest products, herbs, mushrooms and abundant flora and fauna that our highly professional and experienced guides know so well.

Perfectly clean air, tasty and healthy traditional specialties, kindness of staff and numerous options for team building and other highly attractive outdoor activities and vacations is real pride of the Radočelo Hotel on the Čemerno Mountain.

If you want to experience nature of the Ibar River Gorge – the Lilacs Valley with adrenaline, the rafting along the Ibar River is the best choice! The part of the excursion from the Radocelo Hotel belongs to the narrow and picturesque gore of the river and includes two most exciting rapids along the whole course of the Ibar River – the Grmčić and Jagnjilo rapids.

The Rafting on Ibar River starts in Usce, on the spot where the Studenica River joins the Ibar River. There you meet experienced rafters – skippers who provide necessary rafting equipment – life jacket, helmet and paddle, as safety issue or rafters comes as priority. Before entering the river, skippers provide essential instructions and advises for safe and fun raft along the Ibar River rapids.

Each boat feature its skipper. There are minimum 5 participants – rafters in each boat, and maximum 10 participants. During rafting rafters and organized/divided in teams which try to escape all obstacles and dangers – underwater rocks, fallen trees…

Boats are constructed for rafting on wild waters and feature necessary handholds and waterproof bags. All boat skippers know extremely well all parts and the whole course of the Ibar River and do their best to create well atmosphere during rafting.

Pebble beach is chosen for relaxation, photo shooting and refreshment. When Jovan Memedović was shooting TV show about the Lilacs Valley he described the Ibar River as “wild, tranquil, dangerous but cheerful river, ideal for rafting beginners”.

The Ibar River Rafting passes beneath several bridges, and by the famous Stone Serbian warrior – the monument commemorating killed soldiers in the First World War. On this part of the Ibar River are organized national and European championship in kayaking on wild waters.

There is a belief for the Kosanin Lakes that those lakes are filled with waters in dry periods, and empty when it rains. The Nature Miracle worker?! It is also said that one of the Kosanin Lakes is salty although it is located in the middle of the forests of beech, pine and spruce, at the elevation of some 900 meters.

The lakes were named after the famous botanist and academic Nedeljko Košanin, who was born in this area – the Cecina village. He was regarded as one of successors of Josif Pancic. Kosanin spent his career in researching the lakes of the Golija Mountain, the mountains of Serbia, Macedonia and Albania, he had discovered rare floral species of the region, and part of his career he spent in the Botanic Garden of Belgrade.

The primary school in the Devići village bears the name of this scientist. The interesting issue of the Kosanin Lakes is that they are the natural habitat of 3 different species of Alpine Newts /Ichthyosaura alpestris/ that are highly rare in such locality. The Large Kosanin Lake is long up to 180 meters while its depth varies. It is located within the Golija-Studenica Biosphere Reserve and belongs to the zone of the First category protection.

During their stay at the Radočelo Hotel guests enjoy in benefits of the magnificent environment and numerous outdoor activities such are hiking, walking, and rafting on the Ibar River, snow shoeing in winter, fishing, hunting, visit to the Studenica Monastery and unique hermitages of Saint Sava.

The walking trail to the hermitages starts on the 8th km from the Studenica Monastery and only 2 km from the Radocelo Hotel. It is needed about an hour of easy hike without break to reach the Home of quietness – the Upper Hermitage of Saint Sava.

The Narrow and tiny trail leads along the steep southern slope of the Cemerno Mountain, mostly through the oak forests, making even hiking in hot summer days a pleasant activity.

The first break is usually organized by the Lower Hermitage where there is the spring of Saint Sava with fresh mountainous water coming from the Cemerno Mountain.

The hiking trail continues straight above the Lower Hermitage for some 200 meters and then starts zig zag climbing the hill slope. There are signposts in several points likewise the resting places with benches. The Upper Hermitage of Saint Sava is located some 400 meters above the Studenica River, while the whole hiking trail is some 3 km long, one way. The both hermitages of Saint Sava are open for visits, and monks of the Studenica Monastery take care about them. Visit to the Hermitages of Saint Sava provides memorable experience of peace of mind, quietness, Hesychasm and enlightenment…

The Antonijević Family is engaged in restaurant business since 1982 when on the place of the present restaurant a tiny buffet with only 9 tables was opened in the nearby Milice village, some 5 km away from the Radocelo Hotel.

The restaurant is still today the mail meeting place of locals, but also stop over for tourists and visitors. The capacities of the old restaurant were extended to 70 seats in the inside and 80 seats on the covered terrace with view to the Studenica River.

Guests enjoy in wonderful environment and tasty homemade food. Above the restaurant there are several rooms to rent – a single room, 2 double rooms and 1 room with a king size bed and 2 single beds. Above the garage there is a king size room and 1 room with a king size bed and a single bed.

Each room in the Milice village features own bathroom with shower, wardrobe, work desk, bedside table. Rooms in the Milica village are heated by the electric radiators and air conditioning. Next to the main restaurant there is the comfortable wooden chalet divided into 4 accommodation units on two floors. There are four traditionally arranged double rooms available in the wooden chalet.

Each room features own bathroom with shower, a wardrobe, work desk and bedside table. In front of the spacious parking of the wooden chalet there is green grassy area with children playground. Staying with pets need to be announced when booking.