Radan Mountain

Radan Mountain

The Radan Mountain is Nature Park since 2017, located in the central-southern part of Serbia, in the Toplica county, on the territories of Municipalities of Bojnik, Medveđa, Prokuplje, Kuršumlija and Lebane, between rivers of Toplica and Jablanica, and surrounded with the famous spa centers of this part of Serbia – the Prolom Banja Spa, Kuršumlijska Banja Spa, Lukovska Banja Spa, Sijarinska Banja Spa…. The Radan Mountain features diligent local population that is mostly engaged in agriculture, thick deciduous forests, green hills, clear streams, and fruitful orchards and fields. There are several cultural-historical sites in the area of the Radan Mountain that attract numerous visitors – the Caricin grad – Empress Town archaeological site, Neolithic settlement – Archeo Park of Plocnik, Saint Nicholas Monastery in Kursumlija, the Holy Virgin Church in Kursumlija, the Church of Saint Procopius from the 10th century, Ajdanovac Monastery, the Church of Jug-Bogan….

The highest peak of the Radan Mountain is Sopot, 1408 meters, which can be reached by the mountain trail. On a beautiful plateau beneath the Sokolovac peak, there is the Begovića grob (elevation 1122meters), which designates the place where Dimitrije Begovic, the most prominent hero of the Toplica Uprisal was killed and buried. From here leads the road to the village of Vlasi, and further direction left to the Prolom Banja Spa (8,3km), or right direction Caričin grad site, towns of Lebane and Bojnik.

On the Radan Mountain is the Đavolja varoš /Devils Town/ one of the world nature wonders and phenomenon, which features more than 200 earth formations/towers that are 2 to 15 meters high. One of the numerous legends has it that it represents old petrified wedding. There at the Djavolja varos there are springs of “Đavolja voda” and “Crveno vrelo” with extremely high level of minerals, a stream of yellowish-red color which winds through unusual plants, remains of old mines along the road, and a small church, that truly makes an unique scenery which burns imagination.

The natural attraction is set on the peak of the surrounding Vidojevica Mountain, some 20 km away from Prokuplje, 2,5km from the Beli Kamen. The Vidojevica Mt is one of the rare mountains in Serbia with the dark sky and conditions for observation of stars, so the robotized telescope of the Observatory at the elevation of 1155 meters works a the part of the international network. It is strongly recommended to take a walk along this area, for its clear mountainous air.

On the road leading to the Caricin grad archaeological site, one can admire a wonderful mosaic of waters and forests. The Radan Mountain is rich in waters, as it features mountainous streams, waterfalls and springs… In order to see them, one needs to enter deep in forests, but close to the road there is a steep path leading to the hidden Ripivode waterfall, which is some 20 meters high.

In the village of Ivanje visitors should look for a place known as Delivode. Deep in the forest streams inexplicably and suddenly turn into two courses, and later join, to divide further again. The official name of this natural phenomenon is bifurcation, so this area would become an interesting tourist attraction, once the surrounding watermills are restored.

The area between villages of Dobra voda and Ivanja is known as the “Radan Mountain Pharmacy” thanks to abundance of rare and endemic plans and various herbs, that produce large quantity of Oxygen, where hiking is strongly recommended, for invigoration of body and soul.

On and around the Radan Mountain happened many fateful battles during the First and the Second WW, as numerous Serbian soldiers crossed this mountain, or experienced crucial withdrawals, or found their savior or eternal peace here. The Toplicki ustanak – Toplica Uprising is among the most significant among numerous fierce battles and combats out of the trenches to face the onslaught of machine gun fire, which started in February 1917 of local guerilla resistance for freedom and independence, against the allied Bulgarian, Austrian-Hungarian and German troops, that covered areas of Toplica, Jablanica, Jastebac Mountain and eastern and middle parts of the Kopaonik Mountain.

In the Prolom Banja Spa there is a number of marked mountain trails or health trails. One of them (2,5km) leads to the Lazarica church, which is the single one wooden church of the Toplica area, erected on the place of the Medieval shrine from the 14th century. The legend has it that here the Army of Tsar Lazar received its holy communion, before the historical Battle of Kosovo, when Serbian soldiers walked six times around the church. Since then, legend has it – the plum tree curved six times, as it is still today – around the church there are curved plum trees.

The healthy natural environment of Radan Mountain and beautiful panorama of the nearby towns make favorite destinations for outdoor activities, spa retreats and wellness vacations, excursions, hiking, sports and artistic workshops and events.