Prolom Banja Spa

Prolom Banja Spa

Prolom Banja Spa is located in south of Serbia, on the gentle slopes of wooded Radan and Sokolovica Mountains at an altitude of 550-668 meters above sea level, close to the road Nis-Pristina. Prolom Banja Spa is 290 km (via Krusevac) and 318 km (via Nis) south of Belgrade, and 23 km away from Kursumlija, accessible by the Nis-Rudare road passing along beautiful scenery. For Prolom-banja Spa is said that already several people who had cancer have been cured after taking their treatment there.

Besides comfortable accommodation at the Radan Hotel in Prolom Banja Spa, with excellent buffet meals food that suit every taste and needs, guests have at their disposal 2 open pools with lazy chairs and sun umbrellas – parasols, water slide and children water slide, and sport grounds and children playground, that make a real aqua park and amusement park in the Prolom Banja Spa. Special joy of guests is swimming in the open pool in winter season, while enjoying in the wonderful water temperature and observing the tranquil surroundings covered with snow….

Natural curative factors of the Prolom Banja Spa : Prolom Banja Spa boasts several springs of thermo-mineral water, with temperatures ranging from 26 to 31,5 degrees Celsius. “Prolom water” features a pleasant taste and no smell, so is recommended to healthy people as well, as the favorite drinking water of an exceptional quality.

Medical indications of the Prolom Banja Spa : kidney and urinary tract diseases, digestive tract diseases, skin diseases, psoriasis, peripheral blood vessels diseases and extra-articular rheumatism.

Hotel “Radan” in Prolom Banja Spa – 3 stars – offers various opportunities for vacations, medical treatment, relaxation and entertainment, as well as business meetings, thanks to its congress halls and WiFi and catering facilities. The basic advantage of the “Radan” Hotel in Prolom Banja Spa is a natural curative water, which helps on treatment of kidney diseases and urinary tract, peptic, peripheral blood vessels and skin diseases. Guests staying in Radan Hotel in Prolom Banja Spa has been enabled to break the water used throughout the hotel, starting from the room, through the medical part to the restaurant. Relax Center of Radan Hotel has Jacuzzi pool, Jacuzzi bath, sauna, tepidarium (hot box), pearl bath, rooms for relax massage (essential oils), hot volcanic stones and hot chocolate, a large swimming pool with medical water. In the Radan Hotel there is the gym, room for entertainment, and sports terrain. In the Radan Hotel in Prolom Banja Spa are 24 hour standby physician, examination by specialists, biochemical laboratory, ultrasonic diagnosis. The newly built open-air swimming pool with amenities and the children pool make stay in Radan Hotel in Prolom Banja Spa in summer memorable. Radan Hotel Congress halls of total capacity up to 200 seats are fully technically equipped and make premium convention destination, providing unique opportunities for both relaxation and touring surrounding nature in free time.

Medical treatments of the Prolom Banja Spa : hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, manual massage, laser-therapy, relax program, anti cellulite program, face lifting and Bioptron lamp.

Places to see: numerous excursions hosted by professional guides are organized : the challenging visit to the Djavolja Varos natural phenomenon /The Devil’s Town/, Saint Nikola’s Monastery in Kursumlija, Water Factory of Prolom waters, Radan Mountain exploration, Carpets hand-made workshop, rural parties with delicious traditional organic meals…..