Požega Rural Tourism

First trace of urban settlement of Požega dates from 1832. Nowadays town of Požega in West Serbia is important high-way crossing and railroad junction between Belgrade in Serbia and Bar in Montenegro. From Belgrade, Požega is 180 km away, from Užice 25 km, from Ivanjica 40 km. If coming from Novi Sad, the easiest way to reach Pozega is via Kosjerić or Divčibare. Požega is surrounded by mountain ranges of Ovčar, Kablar, Maljen and Blagaja, and vast meadows and orchards /especially raspberry and plum/. Three rivers are running through Požega basin, Skrapež, Djetinje and Moravica. Most of villages in the Pozega Municipality are placed on higher terrains and are ideal for hiking and nature exploring. Climate of Pozega is mid-continental with mild, snowy winter and fresh and sunny summer. Plenty of forests, meadows, pearly creeks, paved and accessible roads, fresh air and unspoiled nature beauties and friendly hosts make those villages excellent choice for invigorating vacations.