Potpece village – rural household 131

Uzice rural tourism – Potpece village – Rural Household 131

Numerous waterfalls, old water-mills, fishponds on Petnica River rich in trout… there are only some features of beautiful village of Potpeće. However the most famous attraction of Potpece village is the Potpec Pecina Cave whose 50 meters high entrance makes the largest entrance of caves in Serbia. This authentic rural house for rent is located in the village of Potpece, on the gently rolling hills of Dreznicka Gradina Mt at the altitude of 900 meters, close to the village of Zlakusa, famous for hand made ceramics-potters and the well-known Terzica Avlija Ethno Park. The location of the house just below the entrance to the Potpec Pecina Cave provides enjoyment within the nature as well as encounter with preserved tradition, because hosts are engaged in agriculture and use traditional water-mill preserving memories on good old times.

The rural house is situated on the Petnica cave-river, so guest during their stay enjoy water murmur and freshness that surround the house and beautiful green setting. For guests there are five bedrooms with beautiful view on the village, furnished with wooden furniture and other natural decoration with spacious bathrooms. Hosts own fishpond rich in mountainous fish /especially trout/ which is grilled always favorite meal for guests staying here. All food and traditional specialties are prepared of homemade produces grown in the hosts’ garden. Tranquility of the whole area surrounding the village of Potpece, endless meadows and pastures, proximity of Potpec Pecina Cave and 60 km of marked walking paths along the area of Zlatibor Mountain, through forests enable true relief and invigorating vacations. The village of Potpece is 205 km away from Belgrade and 15 km from Uzice and 2 km away from Zlakusa village famous for handmade pottery.