Popucke rural household 096

Popucke rural household 096

Valjevo rural tourism – PANACOMP Popucke village rural property for rent 096

Small, lovely village Popucke is situated 9 km away from the main road Belgrade – Valjevo, 135 km from Novi Sad via Šabac and 10 km away from Valjevo, on the right side of the bank of Rabas river. From all parts of Serbia it is easy to reach the village of Popucke, either by car or by bus.

The house is situated at the altitude of 300 meters near the road, in very pleasant setting, which has its advantages both during summer and winter time. It is possible to rent a room, or suit, or even a part of the house for a night, weekend or longer period. Inside the house there is large living room, dining room, kitchen, two bathrooms, 4 double rooms, one downstairs and three upstairs. Also a large, covered balcony upstairs, and one open balcony downstairs are at guests disposal. Homemade food is prepared by diligent hosts as guests wanted, old Serbian organic food, bread, “proja”, “cicvara”, “popara”. Not far from the house is the small river of Krivošija in the beautiful nature surrounding where is possible to have a walk, play basketball, football or fishing.

Activities: in the close proximity of the house there are mountains paths for walking, climbing, and a little further number of caves (Penička, Degurička…), canyons and gorges of the rivers, a great challenge for adventurers, swimming in Vrujci Spa pools. Interesting places to visit :  Lelic Monastery, Pustinja Monastery, Birth House of Vojvoda Misic in Struganik village, Vrujci Banja Spa…