Poiana Brasov – Brasov Valley

Poiana Braşov is the most popular Romanian ski resort and an important tourist center in Postavaru Mountains /Brasov county/, preferred by many tourists not only from Romania, but also from all EU states. Poiana Brashov is located 13 Km from Brasov, 186 Km from Bucharest, along the DN 1 road, at about 1,200 meters above sea level. The Poiana Brasov ski resort runs minibuses to take visitors from hotels to the base of the ski runs from where they can hike or take a cable car to Cristianu Mare or Postavaru summits. Poiana Braşov is surrounded by four mountains: Postăvaru (1,799 m), Piatra Craiului 2,238 meters, Bucegi (2,505 m) and Piatra Mare (1,848 m).

Poiana Braşov has a temperate-continental climate. The average temperature in summer is 20 °C and in winter -4 °C. There is a snow cover in Poiana Brasov of about 50-60 cm which lasts from mid-November until mid-March, for about 120 days a year. However one can expect snowfalls since the end of September. Poiana Brasov is Romania’s best equipped ski resort and is set at an altitude of 1000m, on the side of the spectacular Mount Postavaru and offers skiing generally from between December and March. The ski slopes are of various difficulty degrees and are equipped with 2 cable cars, one gondola and 8 ski lifts with a capacity of 7000 people per hour. However Poiana Brasov although excellent for first time and inexperienced skiers the more experienced skiers could get bored with the runs after a few days. Poiana Brasov is perfect for beginners. The nursery slopes are wide and gentle and there is a plateau at the top of the mountain. Floodlights have been installed on the lower slopes so that you can enjoy your skiing until 21 in the evenings. For snow boarders, the gentle slopes are ideal for learning, and if you are an experienced boarder there are boards available for hire too. There are also 9 km of marked runs for cross-country skiing. There are 2 Black Runs, 4 Red Runs, 2 Blue Runs and a Green Run in Poiana Brasov. The first mountain chalet was built on Mount Postavaru in 1883 and is still popular today as a restaurant with the skiers and hikers. The first skiing competition was held in 1906 and from there it has grown to be one of the most popular ski resorts in Romania. The resort is also a beautiful place to visit in the summer where hiking and hand gliding are popular sports.

Poiana Brasov offers numerous number of hotels and restaurants catering for all tastes and budgets. Poiana Brasov is easily accessible from Brasov, about 15 minutes car drive for the 12 km route and the No 20 bus runs every half an hour from the central Livada Posteri bus station. Poiana Braşov is host to a number of hotels and restaurants, the majority of which cater for foreign tourists. Amongst other attractions in Poiana Braşov visitors can find traditional mulled wine and a pepper spiced alcoholic drink known as tuica as well as other traditional Romanian drinks.

Close to the River Teleajen’s source, at an altitude of 880 meters, in a small depression guarded by the peaks of Zaganu Mountains (1883 m), Ciucas Mountains (1956m) and Bobu (1684m), there is the Maneciu Resort, facing the sun for the most part of the day. The sub-alpine climate, with an intensely ionized air, and with cool summers is recommended for asthmatic persons as well as for those who feel intellectually overworked.

Predeal, the northernmost resort on the Prahova Valley, 25 km away from Brasov and 16 km from Sinaia, 147km from Bucharest, is the town on the highest elevation in Romania at 1033 meters altitude. Predeal is surrounded by five massifs: Postavaru, Piatra Mare, Bucegi, Baiului and Fitifoi, being a good base for mountain hikes and, in winter, for skiing down the Clabucet and Cioplea slopes. The name of Predeal is derived from Romanian “pre deal” which means “on the hill”. Ski slopes in Predeal are situated at the elevation from 100 to 2500 meters.