Pirot Rural Household – Apartment Vrelo village 205

Pirot Rural Household – Apartment Vrelo village 205

Comfortable apartment type is located on the elevation above the Dojkinacka Reka River in the Vrelo settlement on Stara Planina Mountain, at the altitude of some 750 meters, between the villages of Brlog and Visočka Ržana, 33 km east of Pirot. The Vrelo Apartment to rent in the Vrelo tiny hamlet on Stara Planina Mountain includes 2 apartments of which one is positioned in the ground floor and the other on the first floor of the nicely arranged house, fully surrounded with lush deciduous and pine forests of the intact natural environment. The ground floor apartment is constructed of natural materials and contains a spacious living room with extendable single bed, regular triple-sofa and two-seater extendable bed, and small fully equipped kitchen – stove, electric oven, and refrigerator. Nicely appointed bathroom comes with shower cabin. Bedroom features a king size bed and a wardrobe.

This warmly appointed apartment in Vrelo village on Stara Planina Mountain is very suitable for family vacations or companies of 4 to 6 people. Advantage of vacations in this apartment on Stara Planina mountain is apsolute peace and quietness with birds singing… Here guests sleep like babies ! In front of the main entrance there is a porch with wonderful panorama of the river, equipped with outdoor seating area furniture. On the back side of the Vrelo apartment there is another seating furniture space with large built barbecue. Those spaces of the Vrelo apartment are usually the most favorite for guests who spend the whole day outside, relaxing and enjoying fresh mountainous air and gastronomic delicacies and wonderful natural environment.

Vrelo is beautiful excursion spot of Pirot and place for invigorating walks, relaxation, outdoor activities, recreation, bike rides, hunting and fishing. The Vrelo area is famous as the trout paradise where this part of Stara Planina Mountain provides from March till October excellent conditions for sport fishing and fly fishing, especially for stream-mountainous trout.

During their stay at the Vrelo apartment on Stara Planina Mountain in the Visočka Ržana village, guests are strongly recommended to use all advantages of the outstanding natural environment and take invigorating full day or several hours hikes to the mountain peaks and wonderful waterfalls. The highest and most amazing waterfalls on Stara Planina Mountain are situated within the Arbinje Nature Reserve /strictly protected area of Stara Planina Mt/ that provide unique impressions of visitors – the  Tupavica Waterfalls, the Koprenski vodopad waterfalls, the Čunguljski vodopad – Cungulj Waterfalls, which is 42 meters high, Tri kladenca waterfalls and the Piljski vodopad – Pilj Waterfalls, whose cascades are 64 meters high. Guests should also explore outstanding rich cultural and natural heritage of Pirot and Stara Planina Mountain – nearby Monastery of the Holy Virgin in Visočka Ržana, Monastery of Saint John the Theologian in the Poganovo village, Monastery of Saint George in the Temska village, Monastery of Ascension of the Holy Virgin in the Sukovo village and unique cave church dedicated to SS Apostles Peter and Paul in the area of the Rsovci village. Besides those sites, guests are truly excited with wonderful attractions, famous brands and events of Pirot, that make this area fully recognizable – the Ponisavlje Museum, the Tijabara Church, Hand weaving Rug workshop of Damsko srce, workshop of the famous Pirot Pressed Sausage, workshop of the delicious Pirot – mature – kackavalj cheese, Pirot pottery workshop, well-preserved stone village of Gostusa, majestic waterfalls and canyons of Stara Planina Mountain – Čingulj Waterfalls on the Toplodolska reka river, Pilj Waterfalls, Tupavica waterfalls in the Dojkinci village, canyon of the Visocica river, canyon of the Temstica river, canyon of the Rosomacka reka river, Vladikine ploce canyon, canyon of the Jerma river, canyon of the Gradasnicka reka river…..

Our highly reputed partner Slavica Ciric – the President of the Damsko srce Association Pirot always provides visitors unique experiences of discovering and learning on the ancient skills, research and application of the art of hand-woven rugs that she successfully practices for decades. During visit to the Damsko srce Association in Pirot, Slavica Ćirić tells visitors about meaning and energy of the patterns of hand-woven rugs: “the Sovra Pattern is ancient symbol of the ancient civilizations among which are the Serbs, that we here carefully maintain and preserve. I designed and creted this pattern and such a pattern was never seen before. The red color is not usual, but designates the color on caps of the Guard of the Military of Republic of Serbia, it is Divine color. The interior black color was not additionally colored, but it is natural, and comes from black sheep that is called „sura“ color which has some hints of white threads, and only in the central part there is the original red color. This rug pattern needs to be places horizontally on the wall or below the ceiling, or wherever you want, only it must be allocatad horizontally to the floor.”…..