Perko’s salash farm rural tourism Neradin Irig 052

Perko’s salash farm rural tourism Irig 052

Perkov Salas – Perko’s traditional Farm – Neradin village – Irig

Museum-restaurant called Perkov Salas – the Perko’s Traditional Farm House is situated in tiny Neradin village, on the picturesque gentle slopes of the Fruška Gora Mountain, close to the Serbian Orthodox Monastery of Grgeteg and small town of Irig, at the altitude of 230 meters. Between organic cornfields and fields of the other Vojvodina crops, in truly eco environment full of greenery, friendly host Nikola and his diligent wife Milica welcome guests with homemade fresh bread, salt and fruit brandy, dressed in authentic folklore costumes from Srem (part of Vojvodina region). Wooden tables are arranged in front of the Perko’s rustic farm-house, where lot of old and out-of-use agricultural tools and dishes, hand-woven rugs and hand-embroidered items are displayed, forming an authentic ethnographic collection. Visitors can see a history in the picture frames hanged on the walls of an old fashion house of the Perkov Salash farm (dating from the last century). The Perkov Salash farm in Neradin village really and proudly represents the meaning, simplicity and functionality of the rustic hard-working life of local population of Vojvodina performed for centuries in accordance with well-preserved traditions – Salas designates an estate situated out of populated settlement, that contains a residential house, economic structures and a farmstead, usually surrounding estate, where family members permanently reside or stay periodically, basing their existence on their own agricultural production /Vesna Nedeljkovic Angelovska/

Unique scenery and surroundings of the Perkov Salas – the Perko’s Salash- traditional Farm house completes the tremendous experience while meeting the kind-hearten hosts, who prepare delicious traditional meals and serve home made wines from Fruska Gora vineyards. Open-kindness, cordiality and simplicity of farm hosts-owners add value to this unique eco atmosphere of Vojvodina. Customers enjoy visit to this picturesque rustic place which features numerous authentic surprises, stories and jokes told by Nikola, possibilities for a relaxed break in the green natural ambiance, team-building games and competitions, wine tasting in nearby winery, carriage ride and corporate amusement or just a pleasant and unforgettable homemade meal with family accompanied with gentle tamburitza music. As the Perkov salaš Farm in Neradin village is one of our most favorite tourist destinations, run by hosts whom we are truly proud of, it is always pleasure to plan and arrange memorable activities there for the most demanding visitors from Serbia and abroad – sheep sheering, preparation of homemade apple pie, ayvar and gibanitza – cheese pie, contest in throwing horse-shoe around the axle-pin /which is almost impossible to accomplish/, preparation of pickled salad and delicious ayvar, or apricot and plum jams and various amazing and memorable games and activities. Perkov Salash Farm is specially chosen place for our unique Serbian Slava Celebrations and the Serbian Wedding Ceremonies tours !!!