Pelikan Hotel Virpazar

Pelikan Hotel Virpazar

Pelikan hotel is a small family hotel, categorized with 3 stars, established in 1960 on the spot of the former original restaurant from 1928. The Pelikan Hotel is located in the center of the picturesque settlement of Virpazar – former fishermen village on Skadar Lake. Virpazar is located in proximity of the mouth of rivers of Orahovstica and Virstica, in the heart of the most fertile Montenegrin, historical wine region of Crmnica – covering the coastal mountain area of mountain ranges of Rumija – Sozina – Rasovatac in the Bar Municipality. In the 13th century Virpazar was trading center with market place approachable usually by boats and settlement where numerous roads inter-crossed. Rivers joining the Skadar Lake here make it now the main starting point for boat rides or visit to the sleepy nearby fishermen villages or fantastic original wine cellars or relaxing spot during hiking, mountaineering and cycling tours. Virpazar is encircled with walls of the Besac fortress which dates from the Ottoman rule. Virpazar features three bridges and a monument dedicated and heroes of the Second World War which dominates the whole panorama surrounded with deep shade of plate trees and water surfaces.

Considering that the area of Skadar Lake is one of the richest bird habitats in Europe, in which a special place takes Dalmatian pelicans (group of rare birds), Pelikan Hotel in Virpazar is therefore named per bird which is one of the trademarks of the Skadar Lake. Till today the Pelican hotel in Virpazar provides quality service enriched with traditional elements and values.

The Pelikan Hotel has 17 comfortable smoke-free rooms with total of 34 beds. There are single, double and triple rooms for guests accommodation equipped with amenities for a shorter stay or vacations – floor coverings, single or king size beds, satellite TV, free Wi-Fi, telephone, air conditioning and bathrooms with showers. Each accommodation unit has refrigerator. Laundry service is available on request. Most of rooms offers a wonderful view of the Virpazar square and the wonderful Skadar lake spreading from small balconies.

Within the Pelikan Hotel there is a excellent traditional restaurant with 120 seats and covered terrace that serves rich breakfast and tasty original local food – Skadar smoked carp, goat cheese, olives and naturally the Crmnica wine which features specific flavor and aroma. Restaurant of the Pelikan Hotel is unique for its unusual, specific interior. On the walls of the restaurant you can see the quotes of various thinkers, folk sayings and numerous photos and images that tell the history. On the ceiling there are hats brought from different parts of the world as the owner is lovers of hats. A special attraction of this hotel gives the tiny collection which reminds of a museum located on the top floor of the building where are placed antique items, Montenegrin households with tables, chairs, fireplace and numerous hat as the owner is fond of hats and often gets hats from all over the world from his guests .. Because of charm and positive atmosphere and spirit, the Pelikan Hotel in Virpazar had the opportunity to host celebrities and tourists from all over the world as well as random passengers.

The Pelikan Hotel in Virpazar provides a wide range of options especially for nature lovers – boating, bird watching, kayaking, biking, hiking. Here nature was really generous and everyone finds something that will interest him, from the fortifications and monasteries to unforgettable lake landscape, scenery, various activities…

The local bus station is just 100 meters from the Pelikan Hotel in Virpazar which enjoys very good connections with major cities of Montenegro. Bar is located at 20 km from the Pelikan hotel, Podgorica is 30 km away which is a very important aspect of today’s tourists who wants to be close to the main tourist trends.