Pecinar Restaurant with accommodation Ljubis Zlatibor

Pecinar Restaurant with accommodation Ljubis

Ljubiš is a tiny and nicely arranged village in Čajetina Municipality of Zlatibor county, located on the southeastern side of Zlatibor plateau, some 30 km southeast of Zlatibor tourist center, beside the road from Zlatibor to Nova Varos in South-west Serbia. Ljubiš village is situated at elevation of 840 meters, in the valley of Ljubišnic River, beneath peaks of Čigota, Murtenica and Borkovac Mountains. The village of Ljubiš abounds in wonderful nature, peace, serenity and bird warble, and also enterprising, wise and diligent hosts, whose ancestors settled here from Metohija 300 years ago. The Ljubiš village is surrounded with thick pine forests and is considered as one of the most beautiful villages of Zlatibor region. Ljubis village has been well described by poet – Mr Ljubivoje Ršumović, one of its most prominent representatives, who was born here. In his home village the poet Ljubivoje Ršumović patiently creates the Academy called „Associates of the Sun”, which is a creative center for talented children. In the Gornji Ljubiš /Upper part of the village/ there is Markova – Rsumova pecina cave.
Catering-tourist-trade complex of Pećinar Family is situated in the center of Ljubiš village and its beautiful nature, on the crossroad from where roads lead to the Gostilje Waterfalls and Sirogojno and to Kokin Brod and Nova Varos Municipality. The Catering-tourist facility of Pecina Family is in full harmony with the fairy-tale environment, thanks to special offer and activities in which the diligent family is engaged for generations. The secret lays in maintaining the tradition of dedicated breed of trout in their own ponds, that counts to 100 tons per year, without which, hosts confirm “the future is not fulfilled, as the present is the bridge along which the knowledge, skills and experience is transferred”. Trout is the most beautiful and most delicate fish, which lives in cold and non-polluted mountainous waters, rich in Oxygen, and thus members of Pecinar Family pay special attention and care for feeding and breeding it, in the vast ponds besides the famous restaurant. Trout from Ljubiša finds its place on menus of all the most reputed restaurants in Serbia and made this place widely known and reputed, thanks to its extraordinary quality and fact that it is favorable specialty here. Visitors of the Pecinar restaurant with accommodation in Ljubiš village enjoy in number of activities and offers that are carefully and proudly kept for six generations and inherited by the ancestors and founders of the Pecinar Family. Wooden furniture, fire place, distaff, hand knitted and embroidered curtains, old photos and warmth and hospitality of hosts keep rich memories and today attract numerous visitors to Ljubis village. The famous Pećinar Restaurant serves the finest food of Zlatibor and the southwest Serbia – corn bread, cheese, kaymak, smoked ham, smoked sausage, cheese pie – gibanica, baked tomato with bacon, fresh salad or pickled salad and ayvar in winter, or Sombor salad, beef and lamb cooked in ceramic pots, or grilled trout, homemade brandies and wines. For sweets are delicious tufahija, baklava and princess-krofne served here !
The catering-tourist-trade facility of Pecinar Family provides accommodation for 15 visitors in its 5 nicely arranged bedrooms with bathrooms, located on the upper floor above the restaurant, with view to the trout ponds and wonderful surroundings. Rooms of Pecinar facility are equipped with central heating, comfortable wooden beds and embroidered linen, floor and wall coverings of natural materials and nicely arranged bathrooms with shower cabins. Room structure of Pećinar in Ljubiš are very suitable for accommodation of smaller groups or families who love nature and well preserved cultural heritage and traditions : Room No 1 has 2 separate bed + 1 extra bed, Room No 2 features 2 king-size beds, Room No 3 has 2 king-size bed, Room No 4 has 1 king-size bed + 1 separate bed, Room No 5 has 1 king-size bed. It is possible to arrange brass orchestra or acoustic band performance for announced parties with surcharge. Such original entertainment excites visitors and provides amazing experiences and satisfaction, which remains in nice memories, along with various interesting sites and activities awaiting visitors of Ljubis village.

During their stay here visitors are recommended to explore nearby sites and take part in outdoor activities – Gostilje Waterfall, Ljubis church dedicated to SS Constantine and Helen, built in 1924, cave along which Pećinar Family was named, unique artistic space of the Stone sculptures Gallery in Trnava village, Stopića pećina Cave in Rožanstvo village, Staro selo Sirogojno Open air museum, Mileseva Monastery, Dubrava Monastery, Uvac Monastery, log church in Jablanica village from 1838, log church in Dobroselica village from 1821, Uvac Special Nature Reserve, Sopotnica Waterfall, Kamena Gora hamlet, walking and mountaineering along marked trails, old crafts, folklore workshops, traditional festivals and events, collecting medicinal herbs, mushrooms and forest wild fruits, preparation of rakija – brandy in traditional way, preparation of pickled salads and natural juices……