Panacomp Souvenirs of Serbia


Welcome to special PANACOMP web section on unique Serbian handmade souvenirs !

The Serbian tradition is extremely rich in variety of types of folklore garments featuring unique characteristics. Serbian tradition is well preserved in manufacture of various unique clothing itemshand knitted, hand embroidered, hand woven, hand painted, hand written, hand crafted.…., as amazing heritage products of artistic values that are offered as nice souvenirs from Serbia. We are proud and excited to enable you getting an Exclusive gift from Serbia ordering and buying the items and souvenirs we promote.

As per latest data from 2017 there are 620 certified old crafts workshops in Serbia, mainly family run small businesses. In 2020 Serbia adopted the UNESCO convention on protection of cultural heritage, as well as the practices and skillsmanship related to the old crafts. This enabled conditions for the old crafts recognition that is performed by groups or individuals who convey their expertize, and are known and protected as the cultural heritage of Serbia. The UNESCO Convention determines that the intangible cultural heritage which is conveyed from generation to generation provides sense of identity and tradition and in that way present respect towards variety and creativity of the cultural legacy.

This is the rare presentation on Serbian handwork as well as E-Boutique of original handmade souvenirs from Serbia that are brilliant examples of art. Here you can find information about irreproachable handcrafts and authentic products representing Serbian culture and identity you do not see much anymore !

The expression Licidar or Licider designates a man whose occupation is manufacture of licider heart-form cookies. This old craft was very widely performed in Serbia and the neighboring countries, especially Croatia. The Licider Cookies are predominantly meant for watching, rather than eating. The main role of the Licider Cookies is decoration and option to be worn around the neck or to make lovely decor of the wall in the house. Thus it was not that important if Licider Cookies were freshly prepared, but rather to look beautiful. The most popular Licider Cookie features a form of a red heart that besides other decoration usually has a small mirror. In the past the Licider Cookie was presented in the local festivals and fairs by young fellows to girls as the symbol of their affinity with a mirror which confirmed the girl’s beauty….. We are proud to have established close cooperation with the reputed Licidersko srce Licider cookies workshop in Vrnjacka Banja Spa, run by diligent and dedicated Djordje Petrovic who manufactures various forms, size, patterns and colors of heart-like cookies that are-can be branded as wished and as per occasion they mark – gift for clients who book our tours and events, companies, associations, celebrations and festivities of families …..

Your decision to order and buy those products /to be picked-up when come to Serbia/ is of particular significance for our preferred partners from “Jefimija”, women artisan Association living in Velika Hoca village, an isolated Serbian ghetto in Central part of Kosovo and Metohija. All Serbian souvenirs and original hand-made products we promote are of very good quality, carefully hand made in small family manufacture workshops by diligent hands along traditional patterns of the Serbian Medieval times and using special techniques. Materials are entirely natural and surely the best from Serbia /embroidery of golden or silver threads, famous genuine “Prizren” linen, weaving with silk strings…/

Sleeveless embroidered jacket /jelek/ made of gold threads

Velvet Wedding dresses with huge embroidered floral ornaments

All kinds of female hand-embroidered suite with geometric or floral adornments       

Serbian Traditional folk costumes /male and female/

Female and Male hand-embroidered shirts     

Nicely decorated lace

Serbian peasant shoes – genuine opanci           

Hand-Woven Aprons         

Hand-Knitted Woolen products   

Unique hand-made Pirot carpets – rugs /Pirot pattern/ made from wool of Stara Planina Mountain sheep

Embroidered Tablecloths, napkins, towels 

We encourage you to contact us by mail or phone and ask for additional information. Should you concern any handmade products posted on PANACOMP website or have special order we would be pleased to provide all essential information and arrange your shopping. ENJOY !