Business Code

Key development directives and determinations, planned and realized by Panacomp Wonderland Travel Lufthansa City Center Serbia, make the Business code – Code of conduct – the act regulation, and as such represents statute and program actions within business departments of our travel company, which follows the highest levels of professional, sustainable and ethical behavior in the meetings and travel industry, global tourism and friendship.

Code of conduct of Panacomp Wonderland Travel serves as guidelines to a standard of ethical conduct, values and principles Panacomp Wonderland Travel applies and expects suppliers to adhere to when dealing with workers, agents, suppliers, and customers for or on Panacomp Wonderland Travel’ behalf. The main idea here is that there is always room for improvement and that we all can be more aware and make the small changes that will add up to responsible and sustainable travel around the world. By doing business with Panacomp Wonderland Travel clients are assured they are dealing with a Professional Congress OrganizerPCO and highly experienced and knowledgeable Destination Management CompanyDMC which constantly performs the methods and practices used to manage the environmental impact of tourism on local communities and destinations.

Business operators, accommodation managers, service providers or tour operators who /want to/ distribute and deliver tourist services and travel related offers in Serbia and the Balkans in their markets under highest ethical and sustainable standards are more than welcome. In recognising the need to secure the healthy future of the planet, tourism professionals have responded to challenges and taken interest in issues such as gross national happiness, quality of life and sustainable development. 

Skilled personnel, voluntaries and all active partners and associates of Panacomp Wonderland Travel Lufthansa City Center Serbia DMC PCO accepts and implements the Business code – acts regulation which includes the following principles:

– Cooperation with local authorities, private sector, civil and non-governmental sector in selection of destinations, their promotion in the market, development of strageties in handling of visitors, leading them into corporate planning, decision making and realization – delivery of Panacomp programs /recommendations for organizational and other subjects and boards obligated to carry out tourist programs in local area, organization of events manifestations and assembly’s by involving local partners and community suppliers, especially vulnerable social groups; participation in establishing trade marks of certain protected and branded products/;

– Management of social and cultural impacts by delivery of Panacomp program sevices and activities, respect of racial, religious, gender, political, philosophical, moral diversities and apprehension for local cultures, respecting premise’s of tolerance, solidarity and humanity /intensive employment of distinctive cultural and historical spots representing certain local community in planning and carrying out travel services and tourist programs; continual visits and informative meetings with local hosts in order to achieve mutual trust, sharing experiences in certain domain and harmonizing the religion, racial, gender and way of life diversities/;

– Panacomp shall not discriminate based on gender, age, religion, race, tribe, caste, social background, disability, nationality, membership in workers’ organizations, political affiliation, sexual orientation, or any other personal characteristics.

– Regulation of visitation and attendance to archaeological sites, religious buildings, temples and historical spots which contribute to its prevention and preserving its values by informing the guests and visitors about conduct rules and regulations on visits /directing the visitors and agency representatives to conduct in the manners of local community even if other guests do not act the same way/;

– Complete and precise informing of visitors about local customs and culture due to adjustment of visitors-guests’ needs, mutual safety, protection and fulfillment of ones expectations /prevention of threats, attacks, violence, kidnapping, terrorist acts or harming the guests, also strict disapproval and judgment of damaging the natural and cultural property by visitors, according to the legal law acts/;

– Reducing the impact to nature by planed tourist development and protection of natural resources /protecting scenic views, habitats and wildlife and respecting animals; intense promotion of green destinations and wilderness in the market and explanation of their benefits for the entire experience of visitors; revitalization of natural environment in projecting and planning of accommodation facilities in form of ethno-traditional villages – rural homestays rather than hotels to be more responsible and sustainable, such solar power, composting, reforestation projects; planning of equipment and human resources for collecting the garbage / …

– Usage of natural materials for packaging in promotion brochures and while operating the travel services or visiting destinations. Panacomp Wonderland Travel professional hired guides and staff whenever possible carry a reusable container on the road, and fill up with potable water; whenever possible planning and buying recycled promotional bags/souvenirs/notepads produced by entities and association which gathers handycapped members and persons with special needs

– Reducing the usage of clean water at destinations where our visitors travel;

– Reducing the use of cell phone of visitors, guides and all who come in contact with visitors;

– Employment of local residents as efficient working labor with fair wages or allowance, with previous and continual instruction and education in different areas; enhancing local community employment during and beyond the holiday season; supporting the celebration of local culture and traditions

– Intense involvement of the local products, souvenirs, hand crafts in travel services and tourist programs by organizing the selling exhibitions, folklore performances and manifestations and encouraging local manufacturers to gain better product quality and volume of its products according to visitors interest, by direct contacts or promoting those products in various ways – brochures and web sites;

– Correlation with guests-visitors which ensures their absolute privacy, health and security conditions as per General Data Protection Regulation  – GDPR, also responsible sustainability of accommodation conditions by using the experiences and knowledge of local population in crafts workshops, old hand crafts or participation in every day activities, cultural and other local social happenings;

– Prevention of human trafficking, trading of drugs, weapons, antiques with historical and cultural value, protected herbal and animal species, opposition of children abuse, prevention against children laboring in manner of public judgment, and notification to authorities if such a behavior noticed demanding the most strict penalty for committing this act; Commitment to Human Rights, to Employee Rights and strict opposition to Slavery, Human Trafficking, and force or compulsory labor; All persons involved in Panacomp shall report to local authorities any good-faith suspicion or belief that any child is or has been physically or sexually abused, physically or emotionally neglected, exposed to any form of violence or threat, exposed to any form of sexual exploitation, including the possession, manufacture, or distribution of child pornography, online solicitation, enticement, or showing of obscene material.

– Prevention and prohibition the corruption, obligated avoidance of interference and engrossment on all levels;

– Promotion of the awareness of tourism multiple benefits on national and regional level which is the visible activities on the local level /following up the effects and comparing between the suppliers in the same area, with problem recognition and its removal, meaning presenting continually the quality standards and good practice examples/;

– Active professional and technical support in organizing seminars and meetings and study tours together with the international partners/lecturers/consultants with sustainable topics: interaction between ecosystems, the role of landscapes, integration of nature considerations in economy, and the perception and appreciation of nature in the peoples’ mindsets;

– Negotiating the cooperation with suppliers of goods and services based on principles of sustainability, by selective choice of the same according to fact if they respect and develop mutual tolerance, peace, cooperation and understanding, regardless their national, gender, political and religious preferences;

– Panacomp Zemlja cuda – Panacomp Wonderland Travel, owner of the management of personal data collected in direct communication with clients or collected through the company’s web-site, deals with personal data in the highest confidential manner according to the Law on the protection on personal data, the Official Gazette of Republic of Serbia, No 87/2018, as privacy is of the utmost importance in our businesses. According to the legislation of Republic of Serbia as well as the EU legislation, Panacomp zemlja čuda – Panacomp Wonderland Travel applies strict security procedures on data protection and privacy policy aiming to prevent their illegal and non-authorised handling and management and in risk of possible loss, damage or destruction. The same applies for requests regarding information, availability or bookings, and ends in the most professional and efficient service by handling personal data with the utmost attention and care.

Panacomp zemlja čuda – Panacomp Wonderland Travel handles personal data in the aim of delivery of services and they may not be used in other purposes without explicit approvement of the client. Handling of personal data is essential in preparations for activities prior to contracting and for the contracting of tourist services with clients on whom data are related, and for performance of the contract that client intends to conclude with the travel agency Panacomp zemlja cuda – Panacomp Wonderland Travel.

Panacomp zemlja cuda – Panacomp Wonderland Travel permanently keeps the personal data of clients and information on processed transactions in electronic form. Collected personal data and related information will not be given to third parties except that of our professional consultants who work within the company. But will be used exclusively with the aim of completing bookings and giving commercial information of Panacomp Wonderland Travel. In accordance with European legislation, Panacomp Wonderland Travel keeps a tight security procedure with the handling of personal data to prevent the inaccurate use by the same, caused by eventual access of non-authorized persons or its damage or loss.