Majkin Salash Farm Palić rural tourism 057

“Majkin Salash Farm” Palić rural tourism 057

Diligent GABRIC Family from Subotica area is known for its long-term devotion to family business development and engagement in agriculture-business for more than 50 years. Thanks to its commitment, nowadays the reputed Gabric Family from Palic represents the leader in agro-tourism business in Serbia and successfully runs the Etno Park Palic Majkin Salash Farm Company” – the Grandmother’s Grange Ethno Park, that includes two uniquely original farms – the Majkin salash and the Cvetni salaš farms, accommodation facility of «Cvetni salaš» with 20 comfortable rooms, an open pool, meeting room, a fish pond, small horse breeding farm, rustic yard and endless orchards, on their own green estate covering more than 30 hectares.

As rural and eco-tourism in Serbia is becoming more and more popular, there is a tendency for the “modern guest’” to turn towards nature, traditional kitchen and learn something about the culture and habits of the region they have chosen to visit. The location of the Majkin Salash Farm traditional objects and the restaurant itself reveal that people of the Vojvodina lowlands have always lived in close contact with nature which they always respected. The traditional farm house of the Majkin Salash Grange is situated in Palic Lake, and provides the best possible insight into authentic Vojvodina lifestyle, protection and preservation of natural and cultural assets, and functionality to its inhabitants. Full accommodation capacity of this amazing tourist facility on Palic Lake, which includes the Cvetni salas – Flower farm house, is 41 beds in 15 nicely appointed and modern rooms of interesting names – Snow drop, Violet, Tulip, Iris, Calla Lily, Rose, Orchid, Gerbera, Dahlia, Hyacinth – bluebell, Dandelion. The farm house of Majkin and Cvetni salas farms are closed off from the north by a wall to protect the building from the cold north wind (so-called “gornjak”). The owners’ room of the traditional farm house used to be on the east side the house so they would be woken by the first rays of the sun, to continue their diligent days. The guest room was located on the west side of the house, while from the south side it was open. This is the exact same division you can see in the “Majkin Salaš” today. A great amount of care and energy was invested into turning those buildings into an unique restaurant and the rustic complex yet keeps its characteristic features so specific to the Vojvodina lowlands – numerous agriculture tools and everyday items for rustic Vojvodina life.
The old Vojvodinian farm (salaš) has once again become the center of life where people meet over a tumbler of home-made brandies, original tambourine music and traditional local food, that resulted in a number of prizes for the best quality of services on national and international level. Gourmets may enjoy a lunch of fantastic beef stew (perkelt) with home-made noodles and tasty sour cream, rooster-goulash with noodles, bean soup, lamb-goulash with cabbage, and fillet fish soup. Guests of the Majkin Salash with a sweet tooth can choose from a wide range of dough-nuts, “strudels”, sweet noodles, stewed fruit. These meals are just a tiny part of the rich menu of “Majkin Salaš”. Accompanying the good food a quality selection of wines and various sorts of home-made natural organic juices and brandies made of quince, apple or plum is offered. You can enjoy memorable music played by “Neven” tambourine orchestra. Besides the standard farm house offers and traditional available activities awaiting visitors, the Majkin salas farm produces natural apple juice, wines and various rakijas – brandies, and recently and Wine Memory Room and the Wine Street is introduced here.

The agricultural property of the Majkin Salash farm in Palic also includes a comfortable and nicely appointed accommodation, fish pond, swimming pool, sports facilities and stables that are surrounded by orchards and a small acacia forest. Various colorful and fun events are organized at the Majkin Salash Farm to ensure that guests are given a reminder of the old way of lifestyle and traditions practiced in the northern Backa region and Vojvodina. Here guests are provided memorable experiences of unique and relaxed team building programs, but also traditional festivities, fishing competitions, arrangements evoking important historical events and performances of prominent personalities, culinary courses and branded competitions, art colonies, hay straw and pottery workshops run by local artisan associations, cultural events and folklore performances conducted by multi-cultural folk associations, carriage ride and horse-back riding classes, all in the favor of preserving the cultural-historical heritage of Vojvodina and Palić and furthering its tourism.