Palic Lake

Palic Lake

Palić Lake is an artificial lake located some 8 km from Subotica at the altitude of 102 meters. Palić Lake is wide from 350 to 960 meters and long more than 8 km with the average depth between 1,5 and 2 meters. Thanks to its curative mud and healing waters, Palic became a popular spa and fashionable resort at the turn of the 19th and the 20th centuries.

The first spa bath of Palic was built in 1845 that is considered to be the beginning of Palić tourism. Tree planting of the Great Park begun in 1840, that today covers the impressive green area that successfully combines authentic architecture and wonderful greenery. The Palic heritage, along with colorful and beautiful Palić Villas, consist of monumental buildings built for pleasure, recreation and rest : the Water Tower, the Great Terrace, the Musical Pavilion and the Women’s Beach. These Palic structures were designed in the style of Secession –  i.e. its Hungarian variation – which found inspiration in Hungarian folklore, peasant handcraft, lace and embroidery and were festively opened in 1912.

The visitors of Palić Lake are invited to enjoy in various pleasant walks along the beautifully arranged promenade along the entire lake shore, or outdoor activities such are tennis, sports, bike ride, sailing, athletic paths, open-air and covered swimming pools with thermal waters.

The beautiful beach of the Palic Lake includes the famous “Women strand /beach/” and had been wonderfully appointed into tourist attraction that had always attracted visitors. In the Palic Lake tourist center there is one of the most beautiful Serbian parks and the Zoo. Numerous accommodation facilities of the Palic lake are available – from highly luxurious villas and fancy hotels, or traditionally appointed or rustic types of accommodation, some with wellness amenities, to the camp sites. Thanks to its outstanding natural and cultural features that enable memorable vacations and related activities, Palić Lake is often called “The Serbian Laussane”.

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