Ovcar-Kablar Monasteries

Ovcar-Kablar Monasteries

A remarkable number of medieval monasteries are hidden between sharp steep sides of Ovcar and Kablar mountains on the small geographical region, close to Čačak, on the left bank of the Zapadna Morava river. Ovčar-Kablar Monasteries were founded in the 16th century in secluded mountainous area by monks who had to flee before the Turkish persecution from the Mount Athos. Ovcar Kablar Monasteries were mentioned for the first time in the 15th century.

At present, the Ovcar-Kablar Monasteries in the Gorge of the Zapadna Morava River are Vavedenje Monastery (Presentation of the Virgin Mary in the Church), Vaznesenje Monastery (dedicated to the Ascension of the Lord), Preobraženje (dedicated to the Transfiguration of Christ), Sretenje Monastery (The Purification of the Virgin Mary), Saint Trinity Monastery on the right bank of the Zapadna Morava river and Blagovestenje Monastery (dedicated to the Holy Annunciation), Ilinje Monastery (dedicated to St. Eliah), Jovanje Monastery (dedicated to the birth of St. John the Baptist), Nikolje (St. Nicholas) on the left bank.

“On the spiritual territory of the Serbian Orthodox Church there are the particles of the Holy Cross kept in eight shrines, including the Hilandar Monastery and the Saint Sava Hermitage which keeps the particles of the Holy Cross of the Lord”. Milunka Lj. Mitić

Most of the Ovcar-Kablar Medieval Monasteries are well-preserved and under the government protection, representing the monuments of great cultural value. Nowadays this uniquely beautiful region of central Serbia is known as the “Serbian Holy mountain” with number of Medieval Monasteries scattered along the Zapadna Morava river valley, some of them very difficult to access due to their hidden locations in the rocks. With special blessing of the Serbian Orthodox Church and announcement it is possible to arrange visit by boat and enjoy in monastic meal. Thus those Ovcar-Kablar Monasteries and hermitages provide premium opportunities for prayers and spiritual retreat for Orthodox monks who live and serve here in their isolated residences, in deep seclusion.