Osogovo Mountains

Osogovo Mountain is the splendor of the eastern Macedonia and a pure ecosystem containing the mountainous crystal waters, green forests, rocky ridges, lakes, deer, wild strawberries … The Osogovo region disposes with rich archaeological deposits, churches, monasteries, rural places with specific ethnology, folklore customs and recognizable rich traditional kitchen. Various valuable herbs, featuring ingredients hard to find and inexpensive, hand-picked on the high pastures that adorn the tops of the Osogovski mountains, on the border with Bulgaria, are found from early spring until late summer, such are peppers (spicy or not), rosemary, basil, peppermint, wild mint, and thyme, as well as some little known autonomous species. The Mt. Orbelos, Orbelus was identified to correspond with the mountain Osogovo in Republic of Macedonia. The Orbelus Mountain forms a part of a great chain separating Paeonia from Dardania and Moesia (Strab. Epit. VII. P. 329.). The area of the Osogovoro Mountain is rich in ore deposits and mines (gold, silver, copper, lead….), which had attracted Saxons in the 13th century, who have settled those regions in order to restore exploit of the mineral wealth.

The climbers will surely be challenged by the Osogovo peaks of Ruen (2252 m) and Carev Vrv (2085 m), while the Ponikva tourist center, at the altitude of 1560 meters is recommended for real nature enthusiasts, who would enjoy the comforts of civilization. Those who enjoy traditional ambiance within the intact nature will surely enjoy the atmosphere in the village of Polaki, a place where, among the stone houses, time has lost its meaning. Near the village one can find the hunting ground Polaki and enjoy trophy hunting or photo-safari. The Osogovo Mountain range is a real challenge for many mountain bikers and off-road adventurers. The numerous rivers and lakes make trip to the Osogovo Mountains an unforgettable adventure. In the heart of Osogovo Mountains there are also the Monastery of St. SpasSaint Savior Monastery and one of the most beautiful monasteries in the Balkans – St. Joachim of Osogovo Monastery.