Orienteering Team Building Fruske Terme Vrdnik Fruska Gora

Orienteering Team Building Fruske Terme Vrdnik Fruska Gora

Orienteering with tasks is operated in the popular Fruske Terme Resort in Vrdnik Banja Spa, making uniquely rich and exciting race with various different adrenaline activities that provide joy and satisfaction to participants while they compete in groups and perform various tasks on selected check points: Airsoft, Archery, walk along the rope, rope climbing, easy alpinist obstacles, Laser field, Magic Forest, team tasks, zip line…..

This competition includes more than 15 control points which participants need to pass along the prior designated order in the shortest time possible. Group is divided into several teams that get explanations and a compass. Each control point contains logical-mathematical tasks which last to ‘buy time’ or tasks of skillfulness and agility like Archery that needs to be accomplished for continuation of competition. Some of tasks demand participation of the whole group, with accomplishments of tasks possible only when the team works in harmony, together and in unison mode, but some tasks need personal leadership and own initiative. Along the orienteering route in Vrdnik participants need to overcome and pass by and through some easy alpinist obstacles…

This team building game – competition is one of the most wanted being highly attractive and exciting, putting participants into creative race along the small forests and urban areas of the famous tourist center of Fruska Gora … All tasks and games are extraordinary interactive providing dynamics and challenges to participants who have chance to discover this popular spa tourist center of Serbia in a different way. Optimal time of this orienteering with tasks is 2 hours, in order not to lose dynamism, and also for the reason that all participants can endure and fully take part in this easy sport activity. Active orienteering competition time is some 1,5 hours and include instructions for performance of tasks from instructors, explanation, division into groups…. It is recommended to perform awarding and prize giving right after the orienteering competition, but it also can be done before the meal or other chosen activity in order to keep the delightful atmosphere and prolong joys and satisfaction of participants…

Price per person – minimum 20 participants : from 40 EUR

This activity usually combines breakfast at the Fruske Terme Resort, lunch in the nearby original rustic farmhouse or other tourist facility after the orienteering race, or-and spa-wellness services at the pools-Wellness Center of the Fruske Terme Resort in Vrdnik Banja Spa, or-and wine tasting in one of the popular wineries of Fruska Gora Mountain-National Park. You will get all options and details when inquirying