Oricum Archaeological Park

Orikum is a city on the southern bay of Vlora, near the ancient city on the hill known as Paleokaster. Oricum was an Euboean Greek colony founded in the 7th century BC and a very important harbor used by the Romans in the wars against the Illyrians and Macedonians. It was the first city taken by Julius Caesar during his invasion of Epirus. Oricum site covers an area of 5 hectares, and at its highest point at the Acropolis there was a fortress. The Oricum theater could seat about 400 spectators, which suggests that it was a pretty small town. The ancient city of Oricum appears to have survived into the Roman period, and was refortified in the Byzantine period as one of the principal strongholds of the Byzantine Empire on the Adriatic coast, then being renamed Jericho.

The ancient city of Oricum is rather unusual among the Albanian National Parks as it lies within the confines of the Naval base at Pasha Liman south of Vlora. Special permission is necessary to visit this site. To visit the archaeological park Orikum, visitors should follow the road that leads to the naval base. About 1 km after Pashaliman control post, go left on the trail at the sign directing the archaeological site. Is easily accessible by car. The city of Oricum is set in a fine location on a small hill overlooking the bay of Vlora to the north and a sheltered lagoon to the south.