Olimp Hotel Zlatibor Mountain

Olimp Hotel Zlatibor Mountain

Zlatibor Mountain is the most famous mountainous tourist center of Serbia, at the altitude of 1000 meters, which thanks to its beneficial climate and lush vegetation provides outstanding conditions for vacation and recreation by various kinds of sport, hunting, medical and congress tourism. In recent years Zlatibor tourist center has improved its tourist offer with numerous sport grounds, open and indoor swimming pool, ski lifts and ski runs, as well as with start of various new hotels, lodging, apartments and restaurants. In close vicinity of Zlatibor tourist center there are numerous cultural and historical attractions : Staro selo Sirogojno Open Air Museum, Tornik ski center, Gostilje Waterfalls, Log Churches in Dobroselica and Jablanica villages, log hut on Murtenica Mountain…. Fresh and dry air of Zlatibor Mountain, low air pressure and well-known Wind Rose that successfully melt opposed air flows of mountainous and Mediterranean air that become here important healing factor are the premium beneficial features of the Zlatibor Mountain. Medical researches proved that the Zlatibor Mountain area is very suitable fur curing various illnesses – lung diseases, anemia, neurasthenia, heart disorders, thyroid gland disorders, and keeps its long tradition of celebrity destination since the middle of the 17th century, successfully providing its guests healing of body and soul.

The Olimp Hotel in Zlatibor is 4 stars comfortable facility in this renown tourist center which features the Eco passport, which means that it experiences significant reduction in energy consumption, by usage or warm waters from the nearby natural springs. The Olimp Hotel in Zlatibor boasts over 150 beds which come in 33 luxury appointed rooms, 7 suites and a Residence. All rooms of the Olimp Hotel in Zlatibor are nicely appointed in pastel colors, and cover 23 – 50 sq m in size, and come in several types – double deluxe, standard, standard plus, family deluxe. Suites of the Olimp Hotel in Zlatibor are of 50 to 80 sq m in size, and contain one or two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom, while the Residence features three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen. Rooms and suites of the Olimp Hotel in Zlatibor Mt feature terraces with beautiful scenery of Zlatibor, and are equipped with comfortable furniture, wall-to-wall carpets, LCD TV, free wireless Internet, central heating, safe and a minibar, modern bathrooms with shower cabins and hair dryers.

Within the Olimp Hotel on Zlatibor Mountain is restaurant with 150 seats, the fire-place room, aperitif bar, terraces with view to the outdoor pools, meeting room with 100 seats, a fitness club. Most modern and spacious Hedona SPA-wellness Center of the Olimp Hotel in Zlatibor is one of the largest, most luxurious and best organized in Serbia, on the surface of 1400 sq meters. The Hedona Wellness-Spa Center of the Olimp Hotel in Zlatibor features an indoor pool, Finish and Bio sauna, steam baths, Tepidarium and Jacuzzi, a massage room, beauty shop, body and face treatments, pedicure and manicure and a hair dresser, that all provide excellent conditions for a relaxed and invigorating stay in Zlatibor. Guests staying at the Olimp Hotel in Zlatibor have at their disposal outdoor pools. In the close proximity are the sport hall and the football grounds which are used for training of the various and most prestigious sport teams of Serbia, throughout the year.

Famous kaymak, yogurt, smoked ham and beef, smoked bacon, filled bun – komplet lepinja and roasted lamb are some of Zlatibor tourist center temptations that excite its visitors. Zlatibor experience of visitors is fulfilled with walk along one of the picturesque footpaths towards Čigota, Canyon of Rzav River, Gradina peak, Crni vrh peak or Ribnica Lake, that provide exploration of its most beautiful parts and bring overall invigoration of body and soul. During stay in Zlatibor we strongly recommend tour of the Lapidarium of the National Museum of Uzice, exhibiting recently excavated beautiful Roman grave stones, free-biking and mount-biking along the mountainous surroundings, visit to the Power Plant on Đetinja River built in 1900 according to the Nikola Tesla Polyphase current principles, adventurous excursion of extreme joys – canyoning in Djetinja River, climbing along the steep sides of the Old Town of Užice, survival tour in nature – which are all part of the Wild West tours, hiking and trekking, excursions to Zlatar Mountain, Uvac Special Nature Reserve which is the largest natural habitat of griffin vultures in the Balkans, Mokra Gora and Sargain Train, Tara National Park, Mećavnik Drvengrad Resort and the Carobni breg Hotel – true Miraculous Hill Hotel, Old Bridge and the Andric Town in Visegrad, Ethno Park Terzića avlija in Zlakusa village, Potpeć pećina Cave, Stopić pećina Cave, Staro Selo Sirogojn Open Air Museum including visit to the Knitters Museum and presentation of handwork and old crafts, Gostilje Waterfalls, Rural tourist households of Lazarevi konaci in Kačer village, or the Rural tourist household in the Kremna village or the Rural tourist household in Vilovi village, Zlatibor Smoke house which produces fantastic smoked ham – prosciutto and other delicacies of exquisite quality in traditional way, visit to the Zlatar Dairy which produces delicious cheese as the authentic product of geographic origins, participation in unique team buildings that provide experience of the Battles between Partisans and Germans, culinary courses, ecological workshops, painting courses, music courses, preparation of eco juices, balms and natural medicament’s in Tara and Golija Mountains, preparation of pickled salad, visit to the International artistic ceramics competition in Zlakusa village, Čobanski dani event – Days of Shepherds in Kosjerić, Kulturno leto – Cultural Summer and other events to remember….