Oaza tourist complex Banstol Fruska Gora Mountain

Oaza Tourist complex Banstol Fruska Gora Mountain

The Oaza – Oasis in Banstol is wonderfully appointed green tourist complex on gentle slopes of Fruska Gora Mountain-National Park, at the Banstol point from where spreads majestic view to the rolling vineyards of Sremski Karlovci, nearby famous historical, educational, spiritual center and tourist hub which is only few km away. The Oaza tourist complex in Banstol is 15 km away from Novi Sad, located on the old road to Indjija and Belgrade. The Oaza tourist complex in Banstol includes lavishly rich greenery of acacia and thuja trees, soft grass, roses and other flowers, open pool for adults /12 x 6 meters in size/, children pool, sun chairs, children playground, toilets, changing locker rooms, large barbecue space for own preparation of grilled food with aperitif bar, numerous chair and table of massive wood for serving food beneath the spacious open Gazebo covered with cane, large refrigerators and coolers for drinks and comfortable accommodation in some 20 beds in apartments with bathrooms of various size…

The Oaza tourist complex in Banstol in Fruska Gora provides its guests rest, relaxation, refreshment and recreation, along with enjoyment in wonderful greenery, fresh air of so-called “Banstol Wind Rose“, quiet surrounding panorama of Fruska Gora Mt, with option for food delivery or own cooking – preparation of grilled specialties or kettle /glass bottles and glasses are forbidden, only paper or plastic packaging allowed/. In the other part of this vast tourist complex on Fruska gora Mt divided with brick wall, there is large space for some 500 people which is suitable for various events, music and artistic performances, wedding ceremonies, cocktails, parties, presentations, evening/night swimming…..

The Oaza Banstol tourist complex in Fruska Gora Mt are equipped with comfortable single or king size beds, bathrooms come with shower, some apartments feature air conditioning and extendable sofa bed which is suitable for family vacations or holidays for close friends-companies. This uniquely green and pleasant tourist complex in Fruska Gora on Banstol hill completely suits its name, as it provides guests with all conditions for enjoyment in amenities that this – eastern part of Fruska Gora Mountain possesses. The tourist complex of Oaza in Fruska Gora is also highly recommended for relaxed team building programs in which participants do not take part in demanding activities, except to relax and enjoy. During their stay or holidays in Oaza in Fruska Gora, guests can tour Sremski Karlovci and Novi Sad, visit monasteries and wineries of Fruska Gora, hike along well marked hiking trails, watch birds, flora and fauna of Fruska Gora NP and of the Koviljsko-Petrovaradin rit marshes Nature Reserve, take a boat ride, discover Strazilovo excursion point with the grave of Branko Radicevic, poet of Romanticism, and other excursion spots and attractions…

The Oaza tourist complex in Banstol in Fruska Gora has large parking with enough car places for all guests who come for holidays or for a pleasant day away from every day life… Thanks to attractive amenities awaiting guests and visitors of the Oaza tourist complex in Banstol in Fruska Gora, friendly hosts who are always at service for their guests, remind that pre-booking – announcement is mandatory..