Novo Brdo Rural Tourism

Novo Brdo is the Medieval Castle in the south-eastern part of the Serbian Province of Kosovo and Metohija. Novo Brdo Fortress is situated on the top of Mala Planina Mountain, between villages of Prilepnica and Kriva Reka, north of Gnjilane, accessible by the good paved winding road across gentle fertile hills.

The town of Novo Brdo itself was established in the beginning of the 14th century. In the middle of that century, Novo Brdo became the most significant trade center and the largest mining settlement in Europe from where silver and gold ore was exploited and traded along the region, and also one of the largest urban centers of the Medieval Serbia. Novo Brdo Town used to have its urban and mining status in 1412 as well as the mint, and thus was named in Europe the “Silver Hill”. Besides the Serb population, in the prosperous town of Novo Brdo lived Saxons, settlers from Dubrovnik and Greece and Albania during the Middle ages. Novo Brdo was a metropolis at the time with a huge medieval fortress built on the top of an extinct volcano cone, the remains of which and residential sections sprawling all around can be visited today. South from the Novo Brdo town are found remains of the Cathedral built by Saxons and Dubrovnik settlers, so called the Latin Saxon Church. The Lower Town was spread east of the Novo Brdo fortress, forming a town settlement with the main town church of St Nicholas. In the church 900 graves and tombs have been discovered. The Novo Brdo town Church was dedicated to St. Nicholas and its beautiful massive foundations are visible today.

Visitors of the Novo Brdo fortress are recommended to refresh at the nearby cafe or at the original rural household in the village of Zebince which provides excellent traditional food and amazing presentation of the authentic lifestyle of the locals engaged in agriculture and stock breeding.