Norwegian Apartments Djenovici

Norwegian Village Apartments Djenovici

The ecclesiastical architecture of the settlements in the Boka Kotor Bay has been developed through the unique blending of different styles, especially Romanesque and Baroque. Kotor lies in the foot of the gigantic Lovcen Mountain – 1694 m and Orjen Mountain – 1894 m, in the fiord which is, by its beauty and appearance unique in the whole of the Mediterranean. Kotor and surrounding sleepy fishermen villages turned today into tourist centers are famous for seafarers and noble merchants who donated numerous patrician mansions to testify on their period, and now proudly represents former glory and rich legacy of this magical area of the Mediterranean. The scenic Kotor Bay itself has been a beacon of inspiration for generations of artists and poets, but also hosts various colorful festivals making the region internationally recognized as one of Montenegro’s principal attractions and cultural treasures. Each year in February is the Mimosa Festival held in Herceg Novi, inviting everybody to join the the various performances and events. The colorful festivities come alive with cultural events, sports events, carnivals and masked balls. The cultural essence of this festival is further enhanced by the presence of young Herceg Novi majorettes and the lively city band. The masked parade walks through the town, cheerfully waving the first blossoms of mimosa. Guests staying in the Boka Kotor Bay testify that a well deserved rest turns into a romantic and magical holidays.

Since 2000 Kotor is regarded one of the most beautiful bays in the world, and one of the most distinctive landscapes anywhere in the Mediterranean. The breathtaking hinterland hills and mountains divide the bay into the Bay of Herceg Novi, the Bay of Tivat and the Bay of Risan and Kotor, connected via the Kumbor and Verige straits, making the narrowest part of the wonderful bay – only 300 meters wide. The Verige point is the straits named after huge chains that used to be risen from the both shore sides, so to prevent pirate and enemy boats and sailing ships enter the Boka Bay and plunder the rich inner settlements. So this Verige straits was of the great strategic importance for the last third area of the Boka bay, where several settlements greatly developed – Morinj, Risan, Perast and Kotor, guarding wealth and reputation of rich Boka merchants and their families, hidden and protected from unforeseen attacks.

All along the coast of the Boka Kotor there are small settlements steeped in charm, tradition and natural splendor, all of which has its own charm, story and history worth-discovering – Igalo, Herceg Novi, Savina, Meljine, Zelenika, Kumbor, Đenovici, Baošići, Bijela, Kamenari, Kostanjica, Morinj, Risan, Perast, Ljuta, Dobrota, Kotor, Škaljari, Stoliv, Morinj, Prčanj, Muo, Lepetane, Gornja i Donja Lastva, Tivat, Krtoli, Luštica…. From afar, under the Montenegrin sun, the Boka towns glitter as if they are made of gold. Those ancient towns were built by Medieval rulers and wealthy Venetian sailors and are made up of stunning churches and palaces which have been well preserved. The Boka Kotor Bay provides exceptional conditions to visitors enjoyment in wonderful scent of the wild basil and fresh air coming from the surrounding mountains, while awarded with memorable panorama of the Bay. From a number of observation points and various points accessible by hiking along the green Vrmac hill, open new vistas to the parts of the Tivat, Kotor and Risan Bays, or to the whole Boka Bay.
Boka-Kotor Bay is an exceptional cultural landscape created by the harmonious symbiosis of natural phenomena and man-made heritage. Walls of the mighty Kotor stronghold, one of the miracles of the Medieval fortification architecture of the Adriatic, have been established gradually from the 9th till the 19th century, and make the continual row of walls around the historical urban core and the steep slope of the Sveti Ivan hill (San Giovanni) above the town. In the wonderful Boka-kotor Bay there are 7 picturesque islands – Saint Mark, Mamula, Gospa od Skrpjela, St George, Milosrda, Ostrvo cveca and Mala Gospa, providing outstanding maritime scenery.

Norwegian Village Đenovici /NVD/ is 4+ Apartment Complex located in the Montenegrin seaside tourist village of Denovići, 10 minutes away from historic old town Herceg Novi, only 50 minutes drive to Dubrovnik in Croatia. Visitors can fly to Dubrovnik from the most European airports with direct flights, or choose flights to the Tivat Airport /12 km/ and Podgorica Airport /55 km/airports. Norwegian Village Apartment Complex in Djenovici is 95 % owned by Norwegians for the good reason as this small tourist center is still a beautifully quiet “tourist secret”. The family friendly apartments of the Norwegian Village in Djenovici are approximately 100 meters away from the nearest beach, located next to the small and well-supplied local grocery shop. Children specially enjoy spending holidays in Đenovići as they can freely and safely enjoy various water sports and outdoor activities.

Apartments of the Norwegian Village in Djenovici are luxury apartment accommodation which come in different sizes with 1 room, 2 or 3 rooms /to accommodate up to 8-9 persons/, but ALWAYS feature the balcony. Apartments of the Norwegian Village in Djenovici are fully equipped with amenities that provide pleasant and comfortable stay throughout the year : Sofa /bed can be used as a double bed, Air conditioning, TV/ International channels, Internet Wifi, linen, towels, Washing machine, Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Oven, Selection of kitchen utensils / kettle, glasses, tumblers, cutlery, kitchen towels, cups, saucers, plates, pots, pans etc… /, Coffee making machine, Toys. Apartments of the Norwegian village in Djenovici come in several types : GROUP I Apartments with 2 double bedded rooms & 2 balconies / 62-75m2/ accommodating 6-9 persons; GROUP II Apartments with 2 double bedded rooms & 1 balcony / 45-60m2 / accommodating 4-6 persons /; Group III Apartments with 1 double bedded room & balcony / 33-45m2 / accommodating 2-5 persons /.

Visitors of the Boka Kotor Bay and the Norwegian village apartments in Djenovici are provided with memorable and pleasant experiences if they book tourist routes and excursions along the hinterland of the Orjen Mountain, which include unique sites and vistas, tasting of authentic local produces and marvelous scent of medicinal herbs. The local markets of Kotor and the small fishermen settlements along the wonderful Boka Kotor Bay add more attraction to visitors’ satisfaction, as the market life ever since has pulsed here. Various fresh fish and tasty farm products are sold here – wine, ham, cheese, olive oil, figs, flowers, various plants and locally grown agricultural products.
So, while the rest of Europe is engulfed in snow, Djenovici and and the Boka Bay settlements from October til April would be a perfect destination to head to, with pretty mimosas setting the mood for the festival held every year in its honor. Visitors get here a taste of the rich culture and tradition of the scenic Boka towns and easily become a part of the memorable well-preserved traditions and events that locals are really proud of.