Nisavska dolina Tourist Complex Pirot

Nisavska dolina Tourist Complex Pirot

The traditional tourist complex of “Nišavska dolina” is luxurious and uniquely interesting, 4 stars tourist facility in Pirot, 2 km from the center of the town, on the main road – highway to the village of Poljska Ržana, and further to Dimitrovgrad and Sofia /90 km/- the capital of Bulgaria.

This brand new and original tourist complex in Pirot spreads on some 10 hectares and contains lovely cobble stone paths which lead to the central part, fully surrounded with beautiful structures, and the small bridge over the river, that best describes the name of this highly comfortable tourist facility. At present, the tourist complex of  “Nišavska dolina” in Pirot features some 30 comfortable beds in luxuriously appointed houses of the original Serbian architecture of whitewashed facades, stone, massive wooden beams and wrought iron.

Authentic houses are surrounded with grass and flowers, and include 2 spacious apartments each, that are very suitable for family vacations, tourist visits or stay of business people.

Each apartment of the Nišavska dolina tourist complex in Pirot features large living room, 2-3 beds with pleasant anti-allergic linen, parquet floors and carpets, central heating, LCD TV with cable channels, comfortable bathrooms with shower cabin, terrace with view over the central part of the facility – the square and the restaurant.

The unique tourist complex of “Nišavska dolina” fully represents the rich historical heritage of Pirot and provides its visitors luxurious accommodation, various authentic experiences of well-preserved inheritance and high quality service.

The tourist complex of Nišavska dolina in Pirot is paradise of excellent and delicious food prepared from fresh supplies and ingredients of local production, which best go along homemade local drinks /rakija and various wines/.

At the Nisavska dolina tourist complex visitors have on their disposal bar, restaurant on the first floor with fire place and some 400 seats, restaurant with some 150 seats where breakfast is served, a number of ethnographic items and extraordinary Pirot rugs /Pirot cilim/, wine and rakija cellar, place for roasting lamb and piglet, barbecue spot,  smoke house, old crafts workshop /as the Pirot pottery or weaving of the famous Pirog cilim-kilim-rug/… In the future there will be hotel with an open pool and SPA Center within this complex in Pirot…

The well-known restaurant in Pirot of „9 mezeta“/9 starters/ operated in the middle of the 60-ies of the 20th century in few reconstructed rooms of the old house, located on the corner and the crossroad to the town center /varoš/ that bordered the oldest part of the outskirts.

The basis of the Pirot legend has it that there was a particular competition of the owner Ganca of the restaurant and his guests, when, allegedly, one by one in the row, there were 9 tasty starters served, so in case that all food has been eaten – guests were not charged at all.

The special passion of the owner Ganca was the habit to serve visitors of his restaurant immediately upon the meat was grilled /on “skara”/, which was his special joy, as well as his guests. Bojan Tolić, young and ambitious chef of the restaurant of the „Nišavska dolina“ listened for years stories of guests who experienced such gastronomic pleasures of the „9 mezeta“ /9 starters/.

By his professional curiosity and after comprehensive research of old recipes and gourmet secrets of the Pirot cuisine, he decided to turn the legend into the success reality, so nowadays the restaurant of the Nisavska dolina proudly represents the former tradition and serve its guests finest Pirot food – pies with cheese and spinach, Pirot kackaval cheese /mature cheese/, various fresh salads, ayvar, pickled salad, pressed Pirot sausage, stuffed peppers, “urnebes salad” /cheese with hot peppers/, vurda /dairy product/, cheese of Stara Planina Mountain, sprža /minced and cut meat with liver/, grilled cheese, homemade rakija, grilled meat, roasted lamb, original sweets such are baklava, nut cookies, apple pie…

The famous Pirot kackavalj cheese is prepared from cow, sheep or mixed milk, and it matures for some 8 weeks. Pirot kačkavalj cheese can not be prepared of any kind of milk, as role for its specific taste has the fact that cattle which gives milk for cheese production, live and freely graze on the pure clean pastures of Stara Planina Mountain, in eco and health environment.

During their stay in the Nišavska dolina tourist complex in Pirot, visitors have variety of activities to enjoy in – visit to the Ponisavlje Museum /Muzej Ponišavlja/, the unique Damsko srce artistic rug weaving workshop which maintains and preserves old skills and crafts, introduction into production of Pirot kackavalj cheese and the Pirot pressed sausage /peglana kobasica/, Pirot pottery workshop, Saint George Monastery in Temska village, the Temštica River, Saint John the Theologian in Poganovo village, Sukovo Monastery, Zavojsko jezero /Zavoj Lake/, gorge of the  Jerma River, the“stone village of Gostusa”, rafting along the Nisava River, hiking along well-marked walking trails and forests of the Stara Planina Mountain, culinary workshops – preparation of various pies, ayvar, pickled salad, dishes with cheese, herbs and lamb meat from Stara Planina, cooking slatko and making natural juices of various fruits and flowers, collecting herbs and teas ….

Our highly reputed partner Slavica Ciric – the President of the Damsko srce Association Pirot always provides visitors unique experiences of discovering and learning on the ancient skills, research and application of the art of hand-woven rugs that she successfully practices for decades.

During visit to the Damsko srce Association in Pirot, Slavica Ćirić tells visitors about meaning and energy of the patterns of hand-woven rugs: “The Sovra Pattern is the ancient symbol of the ancient civilizations among which are the Serbs, that we here carefully maintain and preserve. I designed and created this pattern and such a pattern was never seen before.

The red color is not usual, but designates the color on caps of the Guard of the Military of Republic of Serbia, it is Divine color. The interior black color was not additionally colored, but it is natural, and comes from black sheep that is called „sura“ color which has some hints of white threads, and only in the central part there is the original red color.

This rug pattern needs to be places horizontally on the wall or below the ceiling, or wherever you want, only it must be allocated horizontally to the floor.”…