Nikola Tesla Tour 4

Nikola Tesla Tour 4




The story of Tesla Ways begins more than a century ago, when the production of electrical energy opened up a new chapter in the history of the modern world. One of the best-known museums in Belgrade is the Nikola Tesla Museum which preserves the valuable legacy of the famous inventor and visionary genius. However, the story of the great friendship between Nikola Tesla and Djordje Stanojevic which left a deep impression on the overall industrial development in Serbia, is less known. Professor Stanojevic was one of the leading scientists of the late 19th and the early 20th centuries, as astrophysicist, meteorologist and rector of the University of Belgrade. It is thanks to Djordje Stanojevic that Tesla spent a famous day in June of 1892 in Belgrade. Their friendship generated the small and impoverished nation of Serbia to follow the path of modernization by establishment of the hydroelectric plant “Pod gradom” in Uzice only four years after construction of the large plants at the Niagara Falls. 10 hydroelectric plants have been built in Serbia by Stanojevic along Tesla’s principles of poly-phase electricity, which had illuminated Serbia and are nowadays true living museums. Thanks to his tremendous powers and delightful ideas Nikola Tesla left fascinating legacy – he believed we would develop ways to see thought and that people would communicate with their thoughts, described means of tapping the sun’s energy with an antenna, suggested that it would be possible to control the weather with electrical energy, predicted machines that would make war an impossibility… and made possible groundbreaking achievements and discoveries which changed the research landscape for future generations.

“There is something within me that might be illusion as it is often case with young delighted people, but if I would be fortunate to achieve some of my ideals, it would be on the behalf of the whole of humanity. If those hopes would become fulfilled, the most exiting thought would be that it is a deed of a Serb. Long live Serbdom!…”

One should do good to the point of exhaustion, one should terrify the universe with goodness  as we are horrified by the amount of evil in the world. One should do goon to the point of stupidity. And beyond it. And when there is no reason, one should do good. One should intentionally, every day, melt someone. The Universe should be confused. The good should be done even when the good does not return to the good it should, in spite of everything it should, because it is the only thing and because nothing makes sense. And the only blow to nonsense is the good, it should be done well and when let’s think that doing good doesn’t make sense either. Only meaningless good smells to me in some sense. Perfect, pure good, without any meaning….” NIKOLA TESLA 

“The energy of a single thought could determine the movement of the Universe” Nikola Tesla

Be a part of the tour packages which best evoke the life, secrets and creative works of Nikola Tesla and Djordje Stanojevic back a century in time

Nikola Tesla Tour 4 – round trip through Serbia to the Tesla’s HE plants

Day 1 Belgrade – HE Vrelo – Perucac Lake – Mecavnik Drvengrad

Morning visit to the Nikola Tesla Museum. Drive by bus via Valjevo direction West Serbia and tour of the tiny Vrelo Hydroelectric plant in Bajina Basta. Refreshment and traditional lunch in the restaurant overlooking the beautiful Perucac Lake. Drive to Mokra gora and accommodation at the Drvengrad Mecavnik traditional settlement and the Film Academy established by famous director Emir Kusturica. Traditional dinner, overnight.

Day 2 Sargan Train – HE Pod Gradom – HE Turica – Ivanjica

After breakfast Sargan train ride along gorgeous scenery of the Sargan Mt and Mokra Gora Nature park surrounding the Drvengrad. Drive to Uzice and tour of the “Pod gradom” Hydroelectric plant, the first one in Serbia constructed in 1898 on Djetinja River according to Tesla’s principles of poly-phase electricity. Walk through the intact nature to the magnificent waterfalls and dam of the old Turica HE. Lunch. Continue to Ivanjica and accommodation in hotel-luxurious chalets of the traditional-style tourist rural settlement. Traditional dinner accompanied with folklore performance, overnight.

Day 3  HE Moravica – Golija – Studenica Monastery

After breakfast tour of the Moravica Hydroelectric plant on Moravica River, constructed in 1911. Break for lunch at the wonderful waterfalls on Moravica River. Drive through the wilderness of the Golija Biosphere Reserve to Studenica Medieval complex of churches – UNESCO site and sightseeing. Accommodation in the Studenica Monastery Dormitory. Monastic or traditional dinner, along with monastic wine, overnight.

Day 4  Kopaonik NP – Vucje HE – Nis

After breakfast drive along the beautiful foothill of Kopaonik National Park via Leskovac and tour of the Vucje HE plant on Kukavica Mountain, constructed according to the Nikola Tesla principles in 1903 at the Vucjanka River, rich in whirlpools, streams, waterfalls canyons and trout. Traditional lunch – grilled mountainous trout in beautiful natural setting. Continue to Nis and hotel accommodation. Dinner, overnight.

Day 5  Sveta Petka HE – Sicevo Gorge HE –  Pirot

After breakfast drive Sicevo Gorge on Nisava River and tour of Sveta Petka HE plant followed with sightseeing of the Saint Petka Church. Drive on to Sicevo HE plant and sightseeing. Break for traditional snack and tasting of the renowned wines of Sicevo region. Drive on to Pirot and hotel accommodation. Traditional dinner in the famous restaurant which serves finest East Serbia dishes, overnight.

Day 6  HE Temac – Temstica River Canyon – Balta Berilovac village

After breakfast drive to Temac HE plant constructed in the wild canyon of the Temstica River. Continue to the St George Monastery in Temska village and sightseeing. Brunch. Drive on to the tiny Balta Berilovac/Kalna villages at the foot of Stara Planina Mt and accommodation in high-class rural tourist household which provides tourist services. Traditional dinner accompanied with folklore performance, overnight.

Day 7 HE Gamzigrad – Felix Romuliana – Negotin – Kladovo

After breakfast drive via Knjazevac to Gamzigradska Banja Spa and tour of the Gamzigrad HE plant constructed by Djordje Stanojevic in 1909. Continue to the Felix Romuliana, an UNESCO Heritage site and sightseeing. Break for traditional lunch. Drive on to Negotin – the home town of Djordje Stanojevic and visit to the Memorial house. Continue to Kladovo and hotel accommodation. Dinner with wine tasting, overnight.

Day 8  HE Djerdap – Lepenski Vir – Belgrade

After breakfast drive by Djerdap HE plant which produces 23% of total electrical energy of Serbia. Drive along the course of the Danube river through the Djerdap National Park with break for lunch followed with visit to the Lepenski Vir archaeological site. Late evening arrival to Belgrade and end of program and services.

PRICE per person – minimum 12 participants : 750 EUR /double occupancy/

Included : high tourist class AC bus transportation, entrance fee for the Nikola Tesla Museum, tour of the Vrelo HE Plant in Bajina Basta with refreshment and lunch, 1 HB at the Drvengrad Mecavnik, Sargan train ride, sightseeing tour of the “Pod gradom” HE plant and “Turica” HE plant, traditional lunch on day 2, 1 HB in the luxurious rural tourist complex in Ivanjica, tour of the Moravica HE plant, lunch in the restaurant on Moravica River waterfalls, 1 HB in Studenica Monastery Dormitory, tour of the Vucje HE Plant in Vucje village with lunch, 1 HB in Nis 3+/4 stars hotel, tour of the “Sveta Petka” HE plant and “Sicevo” HE plant, traditional snack and wine tasting in Sicevo Gorge, 1 BB in 3 stars Pirot hotel, traditional dinner in Pirot, visit to the Temac HE plant, 1 HB in rural tourist household at the foot of Stara Planina Mt, tour of the Gamzigrad HE plant, entrance fee for the Felix Romuliana site, traditional lunch in Gamzigrad, 1 HB in 4 stars Kladovo hotel with wine tasting, entrance fee for the Lepenski Vir archaeological site, traditional lunch on Day 8, Panacomp logistics and professional guidance