Nevidio Ethno Settlement Savnik Durmitor

Nevidio Ethno Settlement Savnik Durmitor

The Nevidio traditional settlement in the tiny Poscenje village on the southern slope of the Durmitor Mountain provides visitors comfortable rustic accommodation in original wooden bungalows with wonderful panorama of the lake. The Poscenje village is entirely surrounded with strong slopes of mountains of the northern Montenegro, cut by immense river gorges and ravines, within the picturesque scenery of Durmitor Mountain and the Komarnica river and two glacial lakes, and thus considered one of the most beautiful villages in the Balkans. The Pošćenje village is nestled 7 km from Savnik, the seat of the municipality which bears the same name, known for local population mostly engaged in stock-breeding, warfare and diplomacy. The Poscenje village is one of the oldest settlements of the Durmitor area, of which we have historical traces of human life from the prehistory – tumuls and tombs from the Bronze Age. The village of Pošćenje is first recorded between 1252 and 1254 when it became part of the restored metochian of the Saint Peters on the Lim River. In the past, the Pošćenje village was the seat of the Drobnjak tribe clan, and also the center of the Medieval Komarnica zhupa. About that testifies the beautiful church dedicated to the Ascension of the Holy Virgin, the former gathering shrine of the entire Drobnjak tribe. This well-preserved Orthodox church in Poscenje village makes the prayer and sacral cult place, and features stecak tombs of high artistic value, which date from the 14th century, and are adorned and decorated with carved Cyrillic inscriptions and motifs of warriors with helmets and weapons and riding horses. Once in the past times, through the village of Pošćenje passed the important Medieval road Risan – Moštanica /Onogošt/ – Pirlitor – Prijepolje and further to the Danube, used for trading of valuable goods. About beauties, people and the nature of the Pošćenje village we find records in the historical documents of the famous geographer Jovan Cvijić. One can reach the Nevidio Canyon from the Nevidio Ethno settlement in 12 minutes, while it is 24 km away from town of Zabljak in Durmitor.

The authentic tourist complex in the north of Montenegro features large garden and 24 hours operating reception. Amenities awaiting guests of the bungalows of the Nevidio Ethno – traditional settlement include heating, wooden furniture and cable TV. The Nevidio traditional tourist complex is built in accordance with the environment and ambience, entirely of wood and stone, and consists of several cascades or levels. On the top of the tourist settlement of Nevidio there are 9 large bungalows, made of natural material – stone and wood, and equipped with living room, kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms with showers, and the balconies with mountain view. In the central lever of the Nevidio traditional settlement there is the authentic Savardak restaurant – typical for northern Montenegro lifestyle, where guests are served with the finest traditional food and interesting choice of drinks… Here guests enjoy in traditionally prepared specialties of Montenegro – homemade kaymak, cheese, Njegusi smoked ham, homemade yoghurt, cooked potato, cicvara, kacamak with yoghurt, various soups, homemade pies, mountainous trout, lamb cooked in milk or kaymak, kastradina – smoked sheep meat, beef in sauce, beans with sausage, roasted lamb and beef, smoked pigs legs, grilled mixed meat, various fresh salads.

The Nevidio traditional tourist settlement is nestled nearby the well-paved road Risan-Žabljak and provides its guests variety of options for enjoyment in natural beauties and adrenaline activities. The guests staying at the Nevidio tourist settlement can take a exploring hike through the famous Nevidio Canyon, last discovered and conquered canyon of Europe. Locals of this area also call this canyon ‘Nevidjbog’, as the Komarnica river suddenly vanishes into strange cliffs and becomes invisible. The mystical and hidden, the Nevidio Canyon has always attracted curious visitors and gathered a number of legends, all until 1965 when its breathtaking and amazing beauties were presented to the world, hiding curvy canyon of some 3 km in length, spanned with a number of rocky bridges.

The owner of Ethno village „Nevidio“ is Dragan Lalović, known as Gašo. Gašo is one of the most famous mountaineers and climbers of Montenegro. He is active in mountaineering since 1970s and member of 1st club „Javorak“ in Nikšić, Montenegro. Gašo with his friends was at the highest tops in the world like Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, Mote Rosa, Gloss Glockner, Aconcagua, Ararat, Pamir and all significant tops and rocks in Balkan and ex Yugoslavia. Also, he was technical leader of the 1st Montenegrin expedition to Mt. Everest in 1996 and more about that you can read in Jon Krakuer’s famous book “Into Thin Air” and Pavle Jevremović’s book “Nebesko predvorje”.

Today the Nevidio Canyon rightfully takes its place in the adventurous itineraries of Montenegro and the Balkans, as the unique tourist attraction, which is adorned with unbeatable beauties of narrow water corridors and passages, cascades and sparkling whirlpools. Besides the Nevidio Canyon, the adventurers of the Poscenje village and the Nevidio tourist settlements are attracted by the magnificent canyons of the rivers of Grabovica, Pridvorica and Komarnice, making possible extreme exploration with professional escort instructors and equipment. In the village of Pošćenje there are several cycling trails for very popular mountain biking, as well as several mountain trails that provide 2 to 12 hours of hiking. Alpinists and climbers this area is just excellent to climb along the Boljske grede, that are 700 meters high, and are the climbers premium activity. There are free rock climbing terrains with 35 climbing routes of various difficulty levels nearby.

On the last level of the Nevidio traditional tourist settlement there is the beautiful village lake, providing true enjoyment of guests, and their long-lasing memories of the active or relaxed vacations in Durmitor Mt area, with full sense of freedom, hug of the forests, summer relaxation under the sky full of stars, clear mountain air and clean springs, away from everyday hassle and duties….