Irig Rural Tourism

Fruska Gora Mountain spreads along the 80 km of ranges between the Danube and Sava Rivers, over the southern part of Srem in Vojvodina, with the highest peak Crveni Cot (539 m). Fruška Gora Mountain is located just along the right bank of the Danube and spreads direction west-east from Ljuba and Sarengrad villages in the west up to Stari Slankamen in the east. For its exceptional flora and fauna, rare nature spots and cultural-historical monuments, Fruška Gora has been declared in 1960 the National Park of Serbia. The oldest forests of the Fruska gora Mountain are under the highest level of protection – in the areas of the “Javorova gudura” and “Papratski do”, as well as number of natural rarities. Large areas of Fruska Gora Mountain are covered by woods (linden-trees, oak trees, beech, willows…) and vineyards and fruitful gardens and orchards, where delicious and tasty vegetables and fruits, and grapes and natural honey and benefiting royal jelly are grown and produced…..

Neradin is tiny village on the picturesque gentle slopes of the Fruška Gora Mountain, close to the Serbian Medieval Orthodox Monastery of Grgeteg and small town of Irig, at the altitude of 230 meters. Between organic cornfields and other crop fields, friendly host Nikola and his diligent wife Milica welcome guests with homemade bread, salt and fruit brandy, dressed in authentic folklore costumes of Srem…