Nebo /Sky/ Pension Rudno village

Nebo /Sky/ Pension Rudno village

The Nebo /Sky/ Pension in Rudno village on Golija Mountain is original small tourist household of mountain type with three comfortable and traditionally appointed wooden logs, and amenities that throughout the year provide full enjoyment in pure and well preserved environment of the Studenica– Golija Biosphere Reserve under UNESCO protection. The Nebo Pension is located at the elevation of 1250 meters and is completely surrounded with lush and fragrant pine and deciduous forests and endless meadows. The estate of the Nebo Pension belongs to the area of the Rudno village, close to the peak of Srnjača, on three-point border of municipalities of Kraljevo, Ivanjica and Raška in central Serbia. Besides some rare car that goes along the macadam road to the Nebo Pension, there is not any air polluter in the wide area.

The Nebo Pension in Rudno village on Golija Mountain features is a vast yard that provides impression that one can reach a sky by hand from this place – that is how the name comes of this traditional rural complex. Pure mountain air, bird warble within absolute quietness, return to the Mother Nature, walks along picturesque Golija Mountain, enjoyment in food of special taste and quality, and relaxation in friendly hospitality of diligent hosts – are reasons why guests gladly spend their vacations at the Nebo Pension.

Rustic tourist complex of the Nebo Pension in Rudno village on Golija Mountain includes a dining room with kitchen – the central restaurant with some 25 seats, that is favorite place of guests to get together, being surrounded with vast green yard and hundred years old pine forest. Each wooden log of the Nebo Pension features two separate beds and a extendable bed for two persons, a bathroom with shower and a small terrace. Wooden logs are smoke-free and equipped with TV, and wireless internet /if you need it here ?/ . All spaces are heated from the open fire place and hosts are at disposal to help their guests make a fire…. or do it for their guests. Water in all tabs of the Nebo Pension is potable, and it arrives in natural flow from a spring, with regular control of quality.

Food served to guests of the Nebo Pension in form of half board or full board is prepared in traditional way from supplies of own organic production, enriched with spices from wild products of the Golija Mountain, that provides memorable gourmet experience. Most of guests decide to take full board, that contain three rich menus, but also homemade rakija /brandy/ of wild pear, natural juices, teas and coffee. Here guests are served with famous cheese and kaymak /sour cream/, warm homemade bread, cream soup with vegetables and herbs, hominy, goulash, sarma, roasted lamb or lamb slowly cooked under a pot, smoked stream trout, various fresh salads or pickled salads, slatko /jelly/ or jam of wild forest fruits from Golija Mountain….  Guests say that they simply can not resist those natural tastes… It is possible to get special regime of food /vegetarian food/ by announcement, thanks to excellent source of supplies.

On the vast estate of the owners of the Nebo Pension /who live here/ guests can see domestic animals, along with a favorite pony horse. Here pets are welcome. Endless areas of the wild Golija Mountain and a number of well marked hiking trails and macadam roads, are suitable for hiking and mountain bike rides, and provide enjoyment in pure mountainous air rich in Oxygen, that fully recover body and soul… Guests of the Nebo Pension can use for free mountain bikes, and in winter season skies and sledge, because here winters are very harsh and cold, with snow cover of 1 or 2 meters …. Nearby is the area of the waterfalls of the Izubra river, that make true challenge of nature lovers and all who enjoy in wilderness and intact nature, and adventure of canyoning or a invigorating and relaxing walk…. During their stay at the Nebo Pension guests can take part in Rafting along the Ibar River, or tandem gliding, picking up medicinal herbs and forest products, and can go fishing. It is also warmly recommended to guests of the Nebo Pension to visit Gradac Monastery and Studenica Monastery /UNESCO Heritage site/ with unique monastic hermitage, as well as the Sopocani Monastery and Djurdjevi Stupovi Monastery /also UNESCO sites/, in Novi Pazar, which is some 50 km away from the Nebo Pension. Here at the Nebo Pension in Rudno village can be organized various events – rich traditional lunch, children birthday party or other type of celebration. There is possibility of buying traditional homemade products.

You reach the Rudno village along the new highway of Milos Veliki and further along the Ibar road Kraljevo – Raška, with exit in Brvenik, direction Gradac Monastery. There are 23 km from the Brvenik point to the center of the Rudno village, and to the Nebo Pension goes macadam road which is some 4 km long. It looks like you reach this place with difficulty, but it is quite more difficult to leave it….