Natural Center Serbia Svilajnac

Natural Center Serbia Svilajnac

The Natural Center Serbia – Prirodnjački Centar Srbije in Svilajnac makes an unique connection of science, education, fun and tourism, that attracts all types of visitors, and especially excites the youngest visitors. The Natural Center of Serbia – Prirodnjački Centar Srbije Svilajnac is 111 km away from Belgrade, 202 km from Novi Sad, 141 km from Nis and only 7 km away from the highway heading to Macedonia, exit Markovac. The Natural Center Serbia – Prirodnjački Centar Srbije was opened in the middle of 2015 and ever since it received thousands of visitors. The importance of the Natural Center Serbia – the Prirodnjački Centar Srbija comes with the uniquely large exhibition space of the museum and the entertainment part with the Dino Park in open, and the branded restaurant and the souvenir shop. The museum part of the Natural Center Serbia contains 8 thematic exhibitions within the indoor space, and an exhibition located within the volcano replica. Creation of exhibition items of the Natural Center Serbia was completed by experts of the Natural Museum Belgrade, the Mining-geological Faculty Belgrade and curators of the Natural Center in Svilajnac.

The Exhibition called the”Geological time-machine” is one of the most interesting exhibitions of the Natural Center Serbia, which represents creation of the Earth and its development through the epochs, up to the creation of humans. Visitors experience particular travel through time and the past by representation of the geological history of the planet, from the Big Bang, up to the appearance of the modern human. This is the way of illustration representations of evolution of the planet Earth, the geological periods and the crucial moments of the evolution of life. Significance of this exhibition is in popularization of various geological disciplines as paleontology, paleobotanics, paleo-zoology, paleontology, surface tectonics, volcanology, seismology. This exhibition of the Natural Center in Svilajnac provides extraordinary educational sense as it introduces visitors with the crucial moments of the geological past and educates all types of audience.

The Exhibition “World of Minerals and rocks” represents minerals and rocks that form our planet Earth. Besides the minerals and rocks that are found in Serbia, this exhibition includes species of some very rare minerals, which make it entirely unique. One of the most interesting items is Jadarit Mineral, found up to now only in Serbia, which by its chemical features match the kryptonite– known in Superman films. Minerals and rocks have great significance in the life of humans and the planet Earth, being the part of the food chain, as they constitute the soil, but also used for construction of houses and roads, and some are used in food and pharmacy.

The Exhibition “Dino World” is located in the middle part of the Nature Center – the Prirodnjacki Center and contains the seven different dinosaur replicas, that all well represent the Mesozoic period of history. All replicas of dinosaur are made as per original fossils. This exhibition is based on scientific facts and provide visitors basic information of paleontology. Part of this exhibition includes the original fossils found in Wyoming along with the equipment used during excavations. The largest part of the Dino Park includes the unique dinosaur replicas, presented in their authentic environment and forms. The Dino Park of the Natural Center contains over 20 replicas of various dinosaur species, of which the largest one features 11 meters in width and 20 meters in length. The most popular and specially interesting to the youngest visitors is the tyrannosaur replica, which was one of the largest surface carnivore of the planet Earth. The Tyrannosaur had the scull of 1,5 meters and huge jaws with more than 60 teeth, the massive claws, and reached 6 meters in height during fights with other animals….

The Nature Center Svilajnac was awarded for its high quality and interesting presentation at the 50th Tourism Fair, as the institution for education tourism.