National Parks and Nature Reserves of Serbia

The first area to be protected in Serbia was the Zelenicje Strict Nature Reserve proclaimed in 1948 with intact beech forests where laurel – cherry groves are found. This reserve is situated in the Jablanica county, close to the settlement of Crna Trava.

The list of protected natural values of Serbia includes 5 National Parks, 10 Nature Parks, 14  Landscapes of Outstanding Features, 72 Nature Reserves and Special Nature Reserves, 287 Natural Monuments etc. National parks, lakes and mountains are often on the itinerary for nature lovers to explore Serbia !

We believe Nature has many of the answers we urgently need to solve some big, real world challenges.


The right to a healthy environment and timely and complete awareness of its status is a constitutionally guaranteed right of every citizen. A healthy environment is the basis for the preservation of human existence and the healthy and continuous expansion of our society. Mother Nature is so Cool and Wilderness preservation is of the utmost importance for existence of our civilization ! A hike to a gorgeous vista, a paddle down a lazy river, a family picnic at a lake – all of these things can refresh the spirit like nothing else can. PANACOMP WONDERLAND TRAVEL SERBIA respects and adore the Nature and does everything to stop degradation of our planet’s natural environment  – wilderness ideas and “green events”, inspirational ideas planning, management, constant education and, wilderness research reports ! It is PANACOMP goal to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. So we take practical solutions for a healthy planet to enhance a stable environment, now, and for generations to come.