Nase ruke Association Serbia

Nase ruke Association of old crafts Serbia

The National Association for old crafts and artistic skills and handwork of “Naše ruke” has been established in 2007. Initiative for foundation of such organization came from the need of local citizens to maintain well-preserved traditions, natural and cultural heritage of Serbia, which contribute to development of tourism and improvement of life quality of local population. The visit to the Center for old crafts and souvenir manufacture with interactive workshops, that belong to the Naše ruke Association is extremely interesting, as it provides visitors exciting insight into almost forgotten crafts and customs of Serbia, performed and monitored by experienced local artisans who are proud to express their talents and artisan skills, and make visitors enriched with unique impressions and unforgettable experiences – manufacture of opanci and other leather products, pottery manufacture, embroidery, weaving, sewing and tailoring, blacksmith, glass painting, basket manufacture, woodcarving, jewelry manufacture, making bread and various pies and baking in old-fashioned furnace, preparation of jams, marmalade and pickled salads, roasting and grinding coffee which provides a full insight into the art of the black “Turkish” coffee …. Here is the Opanci Museum which contains an unique collection of 70 pairs of opanci /traditional Serbian leather shoes/ from all parts of Serbia, from the most simple to the examples of opanci that are rather complex and were prized in various international fairs and events. The Opanci Museum also perform on site the skills and techniques of making opanci in traditional way, that truly excite visitors, especially those who take part in this craft /conducted by experiences local artisans/

Along with those handwork and old crafts workshops it is also possible to participate in the Serbian Wedding and the Serbian Slava events, including authentic customs representation and enjoyment in original wedding or finest traditional slava food, so all interested groups of visitors are welcome to apply and make preparations for those outstandingly interesting programs !

The Nase ruke Association of old crafts is a concept where visitors enjoy a place for what it inherently has to offer, rather than something that is replicated from elsewhere. The guests therefore visiting the Nase ruke Center for crafts in Rakovica suburbs of Belgrade get to interact with the local people and socialize and meet and observe their life-styles, appreciate a culture, customs and environment, different from their own which actually surprises everyone. Specially interesting is the method of handwritting in Calligraphy letters of visitors’ names that make super original souvenir from Serbia which keeps nice memories. This place is our favorite spot for amazing break during or after sightseeing of Belgrade, being so close to other sites, but perfectly attractive for variety of activities and experiences our visitors get. When time permits, we organize here rich buffet homemade lunch for our guests who truly enjoy wonderful moments and fun of meeting local artisans and enjoying the old-fashion atmosphere. It is possible to organize a nice walk up to one of the peaks of the nearby Avala mountain through wonderful pine forest environment, that also makes wonderfu experiences of visitors….